Flat Twist Updo Hairstyles For Black Women



Hair-styling and creativity go hand in hand. Stylists and critics believe that twists are much better than braids. And, understandably so as they are funkier and provide generous options to experiment. Now, the twists have undergone a revolution over the years and there are lots of great variations out there, that are just waiting to be tried!




One such style is the flat twist up-do. This hairstyle isn’t that difficult to pull off and is a refreshing change of style for those ladies who have already tried twists but would still prefer to stick to them. This style goes well, not just with natural hair but also with extensions. Now this style itself has quite a few variations for different kinds of hair.




There is the twisted up-do for short hair for those ladies who are not willing to grow their hair long or go for extensions. This look works well especially if the hair is done up such that it moves upward. The curls are then free to fall downwards and thus give a nice shape around the face.




But if conservativeness is not really what a girl wants and wants to go over the top with her look, then there is the outrageous style labelled the Art of Fauxhawks. The best feature of this look lies in the way the hair at the sides is styled. Instead of simply shaving the hair, it is designed into a piece of art. Then three buns are added on the top part of the hair from the front to the back. In totality, this produces a look that is sure to make heads turn a lot at a party!




Now, if one is willing to add extensions, then the options just multiply. One of the best things about twists is that it can be teamed up with braids as well. And with extensions, a lady can build small braids at the lower part of the neck and gradually work up to the biggies on the top of the head. Now that is a study in contrast!




But if uniqueness is a girl’s motto, then flat tight twists are the way to go. One can experiment with the thickness and style of the twists and create looks that will set one apart from the rest! With extensions, one can also go for the “neat bun” look.  But when it comes to flat twists, hair colour plays a dominant role. One can always add a glamorous shine with the help of that perfect shade of colour. Another great and versatile look is the flat twist crown. One can also opt for dual shades of colour twists where one shade fades into the other. A magical look indeed!




Now if a girl has a pretty face, then side swept twists will help frame her face and that too in a voluminous way. But if keeping the hair out of the face is the primary motive, then there are the symmetric twists which start thin but gradually thicken along the way. There is the forward focused twisted up-do for those girls who lead more of an outdoor life than indoors. This look is both functional and stylish.




But if a lady is a free spirit and wants her hair to feel the same way, then there is nothing better than the flat twist out hair. This look just displays the versatility of flat twists as they need not necessarily be done up rigidly all the time. The look is both stylish and low on maintenance.




These are just some of the many stylish options for flat twist hair. The list can go on and on. There is a style for every taste. And, not only are most of these styles quite hassle free but they also lend a funky and adorable look to the wearer! Long live the twists!

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