Flat Twist Hairstyles For Black Women



The flat twist hairstyle has been a long-time favourite for the African


American women. So much so that this hairdo has become synonymous


them. However, like most popular hairstyles this style of cutting a girl’s


hair has undergone quite a few changes and has expanded its rather


quirky repertoire.




One of the most popular twisted hairstyle ideas is the flat twisted up do.


This hairdo can be achieved by styling the hair upward such that the hair


falls freely downwards. But, one of the quickest styles to achieve is the


double stranded twisted hairstyle.




However, if one is looking for something that is a lot more elegant, then


an old school retro flat twist is a nice way to go. This is perhaps the


easiest way to design a flat-twist on natural hair. It looks great and very


much sophisticated.




But, if one loves her up dos, then she can go for the very retro low


flat-twist up do. This flat-twist hairdo has become quite popular in


recent times and enjoys this fan following because of its simple rustic


charm. This low up do not only looks great but is again simple to achieve


and maintain. There is also the forward focused twisted up do which


combines functionality with style.




Now, if a girl would prefer to add some volume to her hair, then a high


bun can also be opted for. This hairdo, which is necessarily achieved


by stacking up the twists and by incorporating extensions makes for


a very prodigious fashion statement indeed.




Now, if a girl wishes to experiment with the bun hairstyle, then she can


opt for the flat-twisted bun or the chunkier bun on the back of the head


by flat twisting the hair and by going for extensions. The flat twisted bun


is the simpler of the two.




A girl who likes the braided look can also go for the chunky braided look.


This look is achieved by gathering up the flat twists into a braid. Now, if


a girl doesn’t want to hold up her hair in a tight bun or up do then she


can go for the flat twist out hair look. This look is perfect for short hair


and lends the wearer a cute yet relaxed look.




However, if a girl isn’t scared of bit of hair colour, then she can amplify


oomph factor by adding a dash of colour to her flat twisted hairdo.


Colours like ombre and dark brown in glossy finish will help make the


overall style looks quite sophisticated and very stylish. But, if a lady


wishes to make a low key yet very sophisticated statement, then the


vintage up do is the style to go for. This hairdo design lays out the twists


in a flat shape on the top.




So, these are some of the best flat twist hairstyles that a woman can


go for. These looks are not that difficult to achieve and not that


difficult to maintain. The options may not be plentiful but each one


is unique in their own way.

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