Flat Top Hairstyles For Men



The flat top refers to two types of haircuts. One is the short flat top and the other is the longer hi-top fade.  The flat top haircut is achieved by cutting and styling the hair in such a manner that it stands upright. As a result, the hair forms a flat deck in a straight line.


Now, this kind of styling may include boxy upper sides with rounded corners or boxy upper sides with sharp corners or rounded upper sides with rounded corners and last but not the least. upper sides with sharp corners. The flat top has its origins in the army where the haircuts given to the soldiers in the 1950s has largely influenced this style. One variation of the military cut is the hi-top fade that teams up short hair on the sides with long or very long hair.




This kind of haircut is mostly popular among military men, athletes and people with blue collar jobs. However, it was quite the rage during the hip hop era of the 1980’s and the 1990’s. This look was also popularized by the black men and the football teams of the fifties. Ian Shumpert and Norris Cole, two popular basketball players in the USA have sported this look. One popular on-screen example of this hairdo is that of Rocky Balboa’s adversary, Ivan Drago in the movie ‘Rocky 4’.




This cut is defined by its edginess and uncomplicated nature.  But there are numerous variations of this unique and iconic haircut. There is the flat top with the fade and then there is also the flat top with the rounded edges that give the flat top a more modern appeal.




A boxy flat top was also seen on the popular GI Joe action figures. But flat tops have also moved on with the times and there is even a curly flat top that can be styled onto one’s head. The sides of the hi top can be made vertical or angle out towards the top to lend a more imposing feel to the whole look.




There is also the cool flat top haircut with a part and if the flat top is too boring then one can always add a splash of color and go for the blue hi-top. A high fade can also be added along with a flat top. They say that when it comes to flat tops, the more hair the better and one can always go for a tall flat top with a bit of high fade to give it that edgy nature.


But then there is the question that naturally pops up. How to get this hair style then? Well, as far as the experts are concerned, it is best to leave things to the local barber and let them take care of it. This style may seem uncomplicated but it isn’t all that easy to pull off all on one’s own. This haircut demands the use of electric clippers and maintaining it will also need frequent visits to the barber. If one wishes to stand out from the crowd, this might just be the style to go for.

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