Feathered Bangs Hairstyles



Ranging from long styles to short hairstyles along with bangs, the styling options remain infinite. These, many hairstyles keep on rocking amongst celebrities and stay in trend. The bangs accentuate all the lovely styles perfectly and offering a glam looks.


Moreover, getting fringe/bangs is an instant style statement and there is no better way to freshen up your boring hairstyle. After the ever-ending trends with straight and side-swept bangs, the feathered bangs are now the recent trend.


Feathered bangs, is a dream for many women and you can style this pretty, easy feathery bang without going to the salon. The feathered bangs on your face shape will make your eyes pop, showing off your amazing face feature and still flattering.


To get this feathery bangs, after washing and drying your hair simply comb your bangs forwards. Move them to the side exactly opposite to the side you usually wear it. Slice the bangs in vertical and not in horizontal cuts.


Keep in mind, not to cut more than an inch.  After cutting, rub the bangs with some hair gel and brush the bangs to get the feathery style. You can make the bang either thick or thin, based upon your natural hair texture.


It is true that, the bangs are an added effect to the look and, overall hairstyle. This haircut always looks fresh and stylish and, you can wear this feathery bang in many ways.


Like other bangs, you can wear this feathery bang in straight way or side-swept version. Most celebrities choose side-swept feathery bangs as their style. The side sweeping makes the long intact feathery layers to hit the ear line. If your bang is short, use some gel to make the bang stay in place.


To the feathery bangs also, you can give some blunt ends. This is a special way to arrange your feathered bangs to be in a blunt way and it suits amazingly perfect with straight hair. However, with curly hair you need to spend some time daily to arrange this way.


Other than the blunt ends, curly end is another option. If your natural hair is curly, you can choose curly ends to the feathery bangs than the blunt ends. Actually, feathery bangs with curly ends is not easy to achieve, but once done the result will be seriously amazing.


With already existing pixie cut, this short feathery bang will be a great combination. Pixie with feathery bang, is really flaunting and the mere focused attention is on the face and forehead with this style.


Moreover, with long sleek locks the blunt end longer feathery bangs goes very well. With wavy texture hair, the curly bangs or asymmetrical bangs can be a great choice. Nevertheless, this feathery bang gives a voluminous look to the overall texture of the hair.


You can choose slick comb over look to feathered bangs, if you find some reason to get rid of the normal traditional long feathery bangs. This look is simply looks like a bang-free style and gives you some diversity from the daily style.

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