Faux Locs For Women



The super celebrity American recording artist and actress from Harlem ‘Teyana Taylor’ – known for her huge curls, has stepped down from it and debuted with the grey faux locs. She really looked fabulous with this grey locs. From then, faux locs are emerging in popularity.


Faux locs – this style is reached when human hair is wrapped around your actual natural hair or sometimes attaching the human hair to your roots. It is like, dreadlocks from other person is attached to your head, which is as simple as that.


These are versatile, fun and fabulous, and most importantly it can be worn by anyone. That’s why, it is really amazing. With faux locs, you can experiment dreadlocks and braids with all different styles, length and colors. There are also many versions of locs, which you can wear every day.


Here are some interesting and lovely styles of faux like, dreadlock offered. ‘Faux dreads with curls’ – this style gives you curls at the end of the dreadlock braids, which is a favorite one.


For creative and expressive locs, you can try ‘Dreadlock braids with side undercut’. This individual style is a combination of undercut with long braids on one side and fading the other side.


Colored faux locs are more gorgeous than plain faux. ‘Burgundy half up half down’ style with savage shades of cherry red and magenta can give you an entire different definition of hair goals. With bright red color, the style ‘Half up topknot with beads’; creates a flattering elevation above your head and letting the rest to flow down your back. With some scattered beads, it looks trendy and cool.


Above all these styles and looks, there are certain things that you should keep in mind about faux locs. First is the texture and color of locs that you choose. Since, faux locs is attaching hair to your natural hair, selecting the right texture matters.


Texture options like human hair, synthetic or yarn fiber are available. Synthetic hair is the most popular and offers flexibility, but it is heavy. But, the case with yarn hair is different as it is light weighted.


Second thing is about the choice of faux color you pick. Locs are ultimately protective, because you get ‘loc in’ for a period of time with this style. So keep in mind this, and make a darker color as your choice.


Because, darker color can get blended with your natural color and the transition won’t be much shocked one. Warm brown and red tones, are great for a fall look.


Longer the faux, results in heavy load in your head. So, be sure with the diameter and length of the locs. And maintain this look, with hair care like applying oil to scalp daily.


This faux locs can be either temporary or permanent, and it is often mentioned as a protective style, because it does not require altering your chemical or physical state of hair. In the end, you’ll be surprised with this faux loc look, as it gives luxurious glow.

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