Farrah Fawcett Hairstyles


The Charlie’s angel star, Farrah Fawcett have been an icon for hairstyle as early as the 1970s. The original angel with her dirty blonde locks have, since those days set a standard.

Her hairstyles are still taken for inspiration and are still talked about even till today. It is still described as being very feminine with a lot of layers that, during the 70s, were unique. She is undoubtedly the trend setter of the modern day layered cuts that we see so often. With modern day trends, the original style of Farrah Fawcett has been modified but nothing can beat her beauty and her original looks.

Farrah Fawcett was the spokesmodel for hairstyles and her influence lasts amongst hairstylists till date.

From 1965 itself, as she sported the understated flip she was voted the class’s beautiful woman. Since her younger days, she was bold and beautiful with her typical American features. The bouncy hair with the ends curved up along her neck with the bright eyes and beautiful borws is evident of her good looks and style, even in the old black and white picture.

The smile that she had was equally as charming, as seen with her square face and the blonde locks framing her face. A woman of substance she was.

Not long after her starring in Charlie’s Angel, the hair stylist Allen Edwards had his business booming with clients craving for the beautiful layered cut that she sported in the movie in 1977.The sandy locks with side swept bang and layered hair framing her face was gorgeous on her features.

What made her an icon was not just the style that she sported but how she maintained it as well. Farrah made sure to keep her locks in the right look, keeping track of what was being done to her mane and what she could do to keep them healthy and beautiful. She even had a shampoo brand with her namesake, Faberge shampoo.

Even years after the success of Charlie’s angel, Farrah Fawcett had endorsements deals that were still worth millions. Not to mention her refined style never faded.

By 1984, she was seen with her mane in a tousled look, that had been achieved with a hair spray. The heavily teased locks with small amount of fringe was the look that she sported for her appearance in CBS mini-series called The Red Light Sting.

In 1999, Farrah took a huge change in her usual style, going from the layered cuts and heavy mane, to a sleek straight hair, for a guest starring in Ally McBeal. The actress yet again set a new trend for the new millennium.

A veteran in Los Angeles by the beginning of the new century, Farrah was not behind in keeping up with her looks. She starred in CBS’s Hollywood Wives: The New Generation. She was seen with curly blondes and her ever gorgeous features staying fresh.

In 2005, she redid the famous hairstyle that she once wore and was seen with the modern version of the feathered cut. She appeared in an MTV series with her updated look.

Farrah Fawcett may no longer be with us today, but she is a woman who will not be forgotten- not just for her hairstyle, but also for her evergreen beauty and charm. Her coifs will always be remembered, as much as her winning smile.



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