Fall Hair Colour Ideas



The world of hair colours keeps experiencing certain degrees of change. Sometimes it is the time for sedate classy colours and sometimes it is the funky colours that take over. But come what may, girls or at least a certain portion of them love to experiment with different hair colours. And girls who love to play with hair colours must keep themselves abreast with the changing trends. In this fall, quite a few trends have been observed in this space.




Soft brown is the in colour and no one proved that better than Zendaya who looked oh so pretty in her light brown curls. However, the classic brunette hair has gotten a bit of an update this fall. Hair in a shade of chocolate brown with rich golden-brown strands is quite a style to go for. One can also go for a deep brown which is accentuated with shades of red.




Another understatedly cool hair colour is the “bronde”. This colour is a combination of brown and blonde colouring. In this case, the roots are of a deeper shade but gradually gives in to lighter shades as the hair flows outwards. This colour when applied on luscious and wavy hair is sure to make heads turn anywhere.




But if a girl who previously had platinum blonde hair, wants to move towards a much warmer shade of blonde, then she can go for the beige blonde colour which is a very trendy colour in this fall season. The best thing about this shade of hair colour is that it still retains certain elements of the platinum blonde look.




The terra-cotta-coloured hair is another cool fall colour hairstyle idea. Also called the butterscotch brown hair colour, this shade of hair colour is a combination of a burnt brown and a slightly muted shade of reddish pink. A very understated yet a very sophisticated looking colour indeed.




The “dusty rose” colour is also very much in trend and this colour is achieved by adding a mix of deep pink to blonde hair. A girl can also go for the champagne-y red shade which is another trendy vibrant colour in this fall season.  But brown seems to be a dominant colour trend in this fall and the rich dark brown shade of hair colour is high on the so-called trend-o meter. This dark shade can do wonders for a girl’s overall look and lends her overall personality an air of sophistication.




The shades of brown and blonde are two very dominant trends in this fall. The era of the “multidimensional blonde” has arrived following a close second is brown with its few variations. This fall season is the time for the outrageous edgy or the very loud punk shades. This is the season for a bit of understated class and some vibrant classiness. The women are free to play with blonde and brown as much as they want or even mix the two together. But every one of these hair colours can set the stage on fire!

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