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Faith Hill who is an American singer and record producer is widely regarded as one of the most successful county artists of all time. This Grammy award winner is not just popular for the songs she sings or the music records she produces but also for her ever changing hairstyles. The constant evolution of her hairstyle occupies a special place in the celebrity gossip space.




In the 1980’s the country music star was famous for her feathery and voluminous natural curls. In the 1990’s however at the American Music Awards she was spotted sporting spirals. However, a year later in 1995, she had her hair done up in a 60’s style topknot at the Billboard Music Awards. But just before the start of the new millennium, in 1999, the rather complicated looking top knot gave way to locks that were sleek and straightened. Very pretty.




She herself said that her own natural hair is very curly. And, it was those very curly blond locks that were on show at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards. But she shocked everyone when she appeared at the 2001 Grammys in a straight bob cut. She explained that she was fed up with the long hair and wanted to change it around a bit.




But come 2004, and she made her acting debut in the movie, The Stepford Wives. And she promoted the movie with the help of her famous curls which made quite the voluminous comeback!




In 2006, however she appeared at the CMT Giants concert, with her hair coloured a vivid shade of red.  A year later however at the Grammy’s she fell back onto her famous blonde locks and looked quite the stunner too. In 2009 however, she reverted to shoulder length hair. But the hair colour stayed a shade of blonde.




At her 2010 premiere of Country Strong she had her blonde hair styled in face framing tendrils with major lashes. She looked pretty as always. At the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards, she had her beautiful blonde hair done up in flowing waves.


At the same awards ceremony in 2013, she looked positively radiant in her soft sun-kissed locks!  In 2015, she stunned everyone when she chopped off her long locks of hair and went for a pixie cut! She however, styled it in various ways to keep her fans guessing as usual! Last year however she was seen wearing her hair which had grown again, in a cute top bun!




Faith Hill is one of those celebrities who have an effortless sense of style. She doesn’t need to try too hard to look good and at the same time, she isn’t  too afraid to experiment! But being the way, she is, she hardly ever puts a foot wrong and her fans love her in whatever she does. She not only has a way with her music, but also with her hair and her cool sense of style makes her more endearing to her fans. And it’s safe to think, that there are more beautiful surprises in store from her!

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