Faded Undercut For Men



Faded Undercut




Gone are the days when girls used to rule the fashion magazine and the magazines used to be flooded with beauty articles on women. The new age has got even males under the radar and thus the male counterpart is on toes to beat the battle with all sweat and storm. With that vow, the scene of not just hairstyling but also haircuts has gone under huge transformation. The undercut is the latest rising trend in haircuts for males. To clarify the term better, it is known as disconnect hairstyle, a shave comes down with the same length from a line extending back from the temple. Top hair is left either in medium or in longer size. The medium cuts are slicked back or even to create an illusion of Mohawk.




Faded Undercut is another modern variation to undercuts and is gaining popularity. Let’s have a look at some of the haircuts under the same.




  1. Undercut Taper:  A boxy line which goes up and ends in a curl, keeping the fade a bit blurry. Perfect for any hip hop event.



2. High Pomp Fade: Giving high volume to the undercut and textured pomp blends will surely kill many by just the look of it.




3. Long Slick: Subtle fade on sides and leaving a longer slick in the middle, ending in midway is something surely intended to make you stand out of the crowd and make your mark.




4. The Back Slick: Converting the long slick by replacing it in front and sweeping it at the back can get many eyes on you.




5. Mohawk Style: Combining the bald buds at both sides and leaving long strands from the front of the head till the end and slicking them back like a tuck is something unique one can done always.




6. Bald Undercut Fade: Having the faded side front is like going from short hair to skin will bring a. Drastic transformation to your long strands slicked back.




7. The Disconnected Look: Long hair with a fade haircut will complete your casual look on any informal meet up.




8. Comb Over Fade: A shaved part, thick beard and and skin fade where hair is slicked over to one side with some loose curls at the back.




9: Skin Fade: Keeping both the sides almost burry fade and keeping the middle hair long and healthy is the recipe to done a royal outlook.




10. Short Spikes Bust Fade: Keeping your hair short but faded on both sides and spikes in between is the way to die the sharp and sweet look.




11. Wave and the Slick: Keeping the Front hair wavy and clicking them back with the faded look on both sides is something ultra cool to own and done and flaunt




12. Short Pomp Fade: One side fade and the other side with volumed slicked aside can transform your undercut look and redefine your avatar.






So now don’t fret anymore when you have the whole world at your feet for experimenting with your luscious airlocks.

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