Faded Pompadour For Women

Late fifties rockabilly style, does not get completed without this pompadour hairstyle. To be traced back in the mid – 1700’s, this pompadour hair style has been named after ‘Madame de Pompadour’. Among women, this hairstyle has become popular again in the 21st century. Although this style is seen in males today, this style is originated as a women look.

The basic concept, of this style is the hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead. Later, this hair style also features combing it upwards and backwards to make a bulge in head. It can be created with backcombing or ratting at the roots of the hair on the sides towards the top of your head.

This style is a sense of elegance look and there are lots of variations in pompadour style, which you can use every day. You can wear this style for both special occasions and also for your every day look, which is an added advantage. The pompadour style is also known as the ‘quiff’ or the ‘faux hauk’, which is a new trending hairstyle now.

The benefit of this look is that, this style gives you a noticeable look and not an overpowering one. There are some key steps that you should notice before creating this pompadour look. First is the haircut, cut your hair in a way that matches your face. Second is the foundation for pompadour, like using mousse or volume spray and pull your hair to the back sides of the head.

Finally, style your pompadour. This is where you have to decide the height and shape of the pompadour. Use solid hair spray to finish the style, so that you can stop it from flopping over half way.

Also, you can mix the pompadour style with other hair styles. Like, you can have a pixie pompadour hair cut. Faded pompadour styles are quite popular amongst peoples. The fade option is of your choice and this goes well with all face shapes.

Pompadour hairstyle is not only meant for short hair looks, with long lengthy hair also you can try this style. Grabbing them into a ponytail or letting the lengthy hair to flow free, also stays unique. Look for ‘Kate Beckinsale’ or ‘Molly Sims’ edgy pompadour ponytail look, which is very simple and is flattering to most face shapes. Also, you can pump up the volume of the hair with this ponytail look.

The pompadour has become a frequent hair styles for many celebrities – Singer ‘Miley Cyrus’; quiff hairstyle, ‘Ruby Rose’; short blonde fauxhauk hairstyle and even more number of celebrities are a great fan of this super look. Recreate these lovely styles and look up them as an inspiration.

Hope this might have given you some style tips on how pompadour looks vary. Above all, the style and height of pompadour is of your choice, you can even add blond and color effects that gives more touch to this style. Try this look only when you feel comfortable with the style you choose for an everyday look.

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