Fade Haircuts For Men



Fade Haircuts For Men




Be it a man or a woman, your haircut and hairstyling speaks volumes about you. The colour of hair, the cut, the way one styles them and also the way of taking care says a lot about oneself. A haircut plays a pivotal role in defining your look and ensures your uniqueness with elegance. A wisely thought over and considered haircut will set you apart in good way but on the contrary, a random, or copied one will take you nowhere and you will end up making a mockery of yourself in front of all. To sum it up, we can say that a nice haircut is directly proportional to anyone’s confidence and vice versa.




The world of males is flooded with faded haircuts these days. Faded haircuts are a way to modify your haircut or add a bit of oomph in it. Fade is a way to reduce the density of hair through razor and give it a sharp look, which enhances the shape of face and cheekbones. Fades are important when it comes to highlighting a certain part of your faee. One can play with the fade styling too while keeping short hair on top or a medium or long length to create contrast against the fade. The biggest benefit of playing with fades this way is that fades are good both in formal and informal scenario. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of fades.




1. Low Fades: A blended fade which touches the length in upper side and medium length hair can be slicked back naturally. The look is cool, simple and formal.




2. Mid Fades: One can go for mid fades which mix into textured or medium length hair.




3. High Fades: Best for naturally curly hair, this high fade goes and mixes with medium length hair.




4. Skin Fade with Curls: Have curly hair? Frett not! One can go for short cut curly hair and a skin fade which meets the curls above.




5. Box Fades: A normal fade in the back with a box shaped fade in the front is something unique to change your looks.




6. Fades with Long Hair: Don’t want to sacrifice on your long hair and still want the flamboyant fades? Always possible. A happening haircut with longer hair on top with option of being styled in thousand ways and a nice fade attached with it.




7. Low Drop Fade: Drop fades give the best view from the back and generally a V shape is seen. Such faded hairstyle are the best contrast set for hairstyling.




8. Shadow Fades: Blending from very short to shorts on either sides, this shadow fades can be adjusted with high, low, mid ways like the skin fades.




9. Combover Fades: Clean face and super squeaky slicked haircut is the recipe of a killer combo of fades with haircut.




10. Bald Fade: Absolutely made for hot seasons, this bald fade will give you some cool waves.




11. Disconnected Top: Best contrast in haircuts since the longer hair on top is disconnected from the mid to high fade.




12. Classic Fade: Any classic, simple haircut with very a clean skin fade will define the simplicity of your persona.




So many hairstyles and so many fades are just cherry on the cake

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