European Hairstyles For Women and Men



Down the years, the Europeans have set quite a few benchmarks in the world of style and fashion. There have been quite a few hairstyles that have been inspired by them. These styles which originated in  these countries have always effortlessly topped the fashion lists. And like before, there are some cool European hairstyles that are becoming quite the trend.




The bob cut is a hot trend in Europe. So much so that even women with longer hair are sacrificing their long tresses and going for this look instead. This kind of hair can be done up in a variety of ways.  Then there is the loose and funkily messy undo. This is a very popular look nowadays and one that is perfect for the girls who are in a mood to party.




Then we have the low ponytail coupled with a parted hair. This look has really caught on in recent times. Then there is the “Jasmine” ponytail. This look gets such a quirky name because it is reminiscent of the look worn by Jasmine’s character in the animation movie, Aladdin. The Europeans really liked the way she added ribbons at equal intervals of the ponytail.




Another popular European style is the pixie cut. This short-cropped cut is an all-time hit and lends an attractive if not adorable look on the wearer. American movie star Winona Ryder also made it her own in the 1990’s.




The long open bangs with flicks that frame the face is a perfect hairdo for those ladies with long hair and sufficient volume to boot. The look is effortlessly casual.




Then, there is the beehive head. This look is a voluminous one and this volume is achieved by some back combing and sometimes adding wigs to the real hair. This look is versatile and the girls can play around a lot with this style. And, the best thing is, this look is great for a party and even  for a day in the office. Now, that is versatility!




But if one is in the mood for a hairdo that is right out of the pages of a fairy-tale story, then the twisted braids with a half-tied hairdo is the way to go.  The straight ponytail or one with waves is a comfortable look for the summers and lends a bold look to those women who have a square or a round face.




The twisted braids aren’t just the only “Princess” look inspired by the Europeans.  There is the braided up-do as well. This look is popular among the English ladies.




The European hairstyles exude an air of classiness and most of them are not that difficult to pull off. No wonder these looks have caught on so quickly not just in their own countries but the world over. But then these are best looks in the most recent of times. The Europeans have been at it for some time now and the styles they keep on coming up with only broaden their claims as the leaders in world-style. It seems it will stay that way for some time to come!

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