Emma Roberts Hairstyles



Emma Roberts Hairstyles




Emma Roberts is a name which doesn’t need any introduction in US movies and music industry. The ‘Blow’ debut film actress has always hit the headlines not just because of her talent, but also because of her hairstyle and fantabulous avatars. The ‘Unfabulous’ actress is spotted with most fabulous hairstyles in red carpet events. Be it colour, styling, teaming or blow drying, the versatile actress has always aced it all. What is the secret of her dazzling looks which she uses to outshine all? Let’s have a look at it.




1. The Ginger Look: To combine a vintage look with long loose hair, Emma has tried side parting in her long hair with wavy look with gold blonde balayage. To glam up a bit more, a tinge of red on lips and a long evening gown will enhance your already drop dead gorgeous looks.




2. Bobby Pins Long: If you have long and straight and fragile strands, tuck them up with bobby pins and done the diva look. This look can be best worn with hippy look and also for casual events.




3. Honey Blonde: Emma has showcased her honey blondes with darker roots and lighter ends. Having long, straight strands and still making it to headlines every time is something Emma seems to have a knack of.




4. Platinum Pony: Having long strands tainted in platinum tints, tied in low ponytails with few strands left on both sides to boost the charming effect is the recipe of being an eye-catcher.




5. Dark angled roots: a unique combo of platinum blondes with dark angled roots will create a mysterious look and will leave many baffled about what exactly you chose to taint your strands.




6. Side Swept Shoulder Bangs: Be it super short, bobs, or shoulder lengths, honey blonde’s lighter shades with side swept bangs with bit of soft waves can do the magic to your look. Perfect avatar for both formal and casual affairs.




7. The Golden Bob Blondes: Having shoulder length hair and cursing yourself for it? Shun the thought off and keep your head held high with golden blonde with sharped edged angled bob and feel the Emma in you.




8. Messy Copper: Long and waxy? And no desire to go straight? Well try a messy look by modifying them in bit of waves with angles.




9. The Wave and Straight Mash-Up: Done the straight bangs and sweep them on one side and leave the ends of your long ends a bit wavy. Taint of copper red can do the remaining magic.




10. French Braid: Tying a French braid in crown shape can turn many heads back to you again and again. So don’t waste time in re-thinking. Just go for it.




11.Mini Braids: Weaving the braids on both sides with few set of strands and leaving them with loose hair without tucking can be the trick to enchant the others around you.




12. The Blunt in the Barrel: Bring a reform in your look by giving your blondes a blunt cut and leaving them half wavy.




13. A Face Framing Updo: tuck your bun on while leaving strands loose in front which can frame the face and this casual chic look will make you outshine others.

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