Elegant Hairstyles For Black Women



Elegant Hairstyles For Black Women




Skin tones play a detrimental role in determining the hairstyle and hair colour apart from the factors like hair length and weather conditions. Women with dusky colours have created a niche in their beauty, creativity and sophistication and the way they play with their strands in form of tight and loose curls and glamorous afros is something every woman dreams to emulate.


  1. Tropical Look: A headband in vibrant colours on the short hair. Be it bob cut or ear length locks, a tropical headband will always fill colours in your hairstyle.



2. The Curly Cuteness: Curly bobs with small twist gives the look of twisted braids on both sides is a form of redefining elegance. This is the quickest updo which takes least possible time.




3. The Crown Queen: Having the hair cut in crown shape on the head above is something you can done and flaunt it all the time.




4. Power Puffs: Remember power puff girls? Yes this is the perfect curly imitation of the cutest style of power puff girls. Two tiny ponies in curly look gives you a little girl avatar to try on.




5. The magic with headscarf: We all have seen the headscarf tied on head above , but the new experiment can be at the lower part of hair and turn yourself into a 50’s retro or bohemian godess.




6. The Cute And the U: The U shaped, cute and protective braids not only gives a different look but also protect your hair and saves time.




7. Ombre Ponytails with Braids: A normally curled ombre ponytail is something which is natural and yet gives a modern style look. The hairstyle is one in the bests because one doesn’t need to get messy with their hair.




8.Natural Curls with Cornrows: Having cornrows teamed up with longer curls left loose in the front speaks just elegance and nothing amongst all the hairstyles.




9. CornRows and Bun: Having reverse and diagonal cornrows going upwards and ending in an updo is another style to crown yourself with.




10. Reverse French and Twisted Curls: Get a reverse French braid with curls set upright on the front head and rock the world.




11. Regal Braids: This hairstyle goes well in long hairs where you can join the braids with cornrows and get a modernised and customised look.




12. Black Goddess Braids: braiding the whole sea of braids and pinning them up together in form of a huge flat bun stuck at your back is the absolutely stunning look for any red carpet event and the cherry on the cake is that it will stay longer,




13. Flat Twist and Spirals: Team up the flat twists with spirals and you can be the next hair trend setter of your town.




14. Whirlpool Updo; Sectioning hair into two vertical parts and twisting them in braids and taking them upwards to tie in an updo. The more curly it is, the more charming it would be.




15. Flat Twists and Bun: Diagonal flat twists, leading into a bun is a smart and stable hairstyle to last longer.

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