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Adding waves to your long locks are a great way to perk up the style. Whether it be long hair, medium length or even short, waves can be adapted for any length, and color. If that isn’t perfect, we don’t know what is, because we love versatility in hairstyle. The hairstyle that goes with just about anything is what we would opt for.

Compared to curls, which tend to be tight and damaging, waves give a softer look and a more relaxed get up that doesn’t not seem too stressful on the hair. Waves can be achieved by a number of ways, not limited to heating techniques. No doubt heat treatment is faster and easier, but in the long run, it is harmful as well. Braids and rubber bands are great tools for achieving a set of gorgeous waves without damaging effects. Twist it in buns, pin it up, braid it, or use a flat iron to achieve the kind of waves that you desire.

Waves are easy to achieve and the end results make us simply fall in love with our mane.

A curly layer added to wavy hair gives more style and class, and more volume as well. This is easier to do with naturally wavy hair and the curls can be incorporated into them. The hair can be left loose on either shoulders while curling and combed over with fingers. Them, it’s time to flaunt these set of luxuriant locks.

Middle parted messy waves gives a flowy stylish appearance, especially when done on long highlighted hair. While the hairstyle is informal it is classy and goes absolutely great with formals in a pleasant contradiction.

For medium length hair, large curls starting from the back pf the head and tapering down into curlier tips is another way to style in those waves. This looks great on any color of hair and compliments most facial shapes.

An unconventional hairstyle is always a must try for all those women with a love for experimenting. A twisted waves looks untraditionally sassy on short length hair. The bent waves are great on hair with the front sides highlighted a lighter tone.

A set of beautiful medium sized waves look just as great on any hair, especially on blondes. Blondes tend to have thing and fine hair which can affect the texture, making hair appear very thin with no volume. Getting a set of waves to these kind of locks help to create a noticeable difference in the volume that can be a quick solution to having thin fine hair.

For women with balayage highlights, the casual beachy waves are wonderful and looks best for those summer days when a trip to the beach is due. It’s a picture of the blue ocean and the cool breeze to let those locks dance with the air.

With the recent trend of ombre techniques, waves are very complimenting to the coloration and the tone. It helps to minimize the sections at which color tone changes and this gives a natural toned look of gradually changing shade of hair.

While we have listed these few styles of wavy hair, much more can be done to achieve trendier hairstyles that can be sported this season. We excitedly look forward to more variations of the wavy hairstyles.

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