Easy Short Hairstyles For Women




Short hairstyles remain in trend forever and are really, hot in the fashion and beauty industry. With easy short hairstyles, you can easily achieve sassy, cute, fine and chic looks.


The short hairstyles are more handy for now and simple to style as well. With different variations to the short hairstyles, they are currently flourishing on the trend scene. Moreover, with any type of hair textures the short length combines very well.


More than the traditional bob and pixie style, there are more upgraded versions to these styles, which are really rocking the beauty industry and making people go crazy with the looks.


When you want to try something new, you can go for this short blunt bob style as it offers a new change over. The short blunt cut is simply giving the ends a blunt texture and by incorporating some color with various dimensions, blunt bob cut can wear by any woman with all face shapes and hair types.


Fully feathered bob style, is a great protective style and it does not take much time for styling. This whispy bob, flatters all face shapes and the feathery layers on the side swept style really flaunts everyone around you.


To give this look some enhanced version, make side swept asymmetrical blonde stacked bob. The stacked layers make the front layers falls over one eye on the face and gradually making the other layers fall over the head.


Moreover, you can make the stack layers either sleek or curly, depending on how you want it to look. The curly stacked layer is slightly modern and the on-trend unstructured cut gives you a most favorite feel.


The short pixie cut hair will draw attention to your face and for instance, it will make you look flattering with delicate features and big eyes. To the traditional pixie, give some layers. These choppy layers, gives a perfect mix of messy and sleek look.


With the messy layers, you can make it slick back for any night out party or sometimes rely on texturizing product for well-balanced styling. Layered pixie cuts goes well with bangs and looks great on thick hair. You can even find more ideas of pixie short haircuts.






Cut little longer bangs with pixie, which is an instantly sassy and classy look as well. The asymmetrical textured bang that hits the ear line and the tapered close look at the back is a perfect look for any hair types. It also adds volume and gives a look of thicker texture to the thin layers.


If you are a lover of vintage and retro style look, with short hairstyles you can even achieve the styles. Timeless classic hairstyles will surely pay off your overall look.


This vintage bob style is simple, by making angled curls to the asymmetrical side-swept bob style and the nape of the neck. Moreover, this styles work well with all face shapes and fits great with coarse hair as well.

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