Easy Hairstyles For Black Women



Standard and unique beauties, with outstanding confidence are the terms generally used to express the Black women models. They still manage to make their place at the top, with their own individual styles.


When it comes to hairstyles, they usually have curly textured hair with which they create stunning beauty. Despite their skin tone, the wide varieties of hairstyle from short pixie to bob style or braid styles and cornrows, their styles are remaining infinite.


You can witness this from the super celebrity ‘Rihanna’, who set a big example being a black model. She even has made a best place amongst the world’s renowned artist.


With curly textured and tight curls, the long locs looks stunning and beautiful. The crisscross knot at the top and leaving the rest of the hair to flow free remains simple and easy way of styling.


Sometimes, instead of making the rest hair to flow free, section the hair into two and make it surround the top knot in opposite direction. This simple high knot style is suitable for any occasions, with the right touch of makeup.


Mostly, braid styles are the favorite hairstyle amongst black women. Braided afro or simple twisted braids, makes a best combination with the tight curls. Moreover, black women would have at least tried cornrows or bob braids once at their lifetime.


To the box braids, make them into big braids using some strands and pile them up into a side bun for the cutest style. This can be an upgraded version to the daily bob braid look. Even with tight cornrows, this hairstyle goes very well.


Very high top ponytail at the crown makes the curls falls completely over the forehead and this style simply offers an elegant style. To the same style, pull of the hair and make it into a bun to get a high bun style.


Coming to the hairstyle for shorter hair length, short bob or short Fauxhawk styles remains classic. The bob style is quite a cool hairstyle, which supports all kind of hair types. Therefore, with tight splendid curls or ringlets, the bob style is a great option to frame the face ideally.


Even short and inverted bob hairstyle with sleek hair, looks great with black women. The dark sleek inverted bob matches well with the dark skin tone and the asymmetrical partition is an added effect to the overall style.






Fauxhawk and Mohawk are styles lovable by black women and these styles suit them very well. With sides, either chopped shorter or faded, the middle part looks slightly longer and prominent enough to make the tight curls looks cool.


Messy pixie style, with scattered slanting spikes all over the hair looks bold and adventurous. To the same pixie style, you can have sides shaved with an undercut or with some patterns to the undercut, makes it an ultra-dramatic look.


With very tight curls, where the strands not able to get separated, then you should go with close scalp cut like crew buzz cut and short boyish hairdos. Both these hairstyles make the curls slightly highlighted and enhanced.

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