Easy Casual Updo Hairstyles For Women



Hair updos are must for the women having long hair. Casual up dos are very must “to learn” skill for every women to protect their beautiful strands from environmental pollutions. There are pretty and plenty hair updos which are beautiful and elegant for women which dignifies their look with awesomeness of hairstyle going in harmony with their costumes.


Casual braided bun gives an outstanding feel to oneself when a simple Dutch braid is surrounding the casual made bun. Buns are always prettier compared to open hair or braided hair as the make- over gives enhancing touch with aristocratic look. These braids can also be illuminated by simple beads in the middle of the strands which goes well for a party prom.


Buns never go out of fashion and out of trend for its distinct ethnic, casual and decent make-overs. It goes well on all the fantabulous dresses from sarees till tube tops. Women with long hair generally go for making buns as it gives them a carefree feel with a magnificent and somber presence turning oneself to be bold and self- confident.


Hair up dos need not be positioned at the centre or in the middle. It can also be taken side way either to the left or to the right associated with some glossy ribbons or matte finished ribbons. Halo braided up do is one of the easiest hair up dos with braids giving a doomed bun in the centre forming a crown or veil around the head with braid. This is very effortless and dazzling hair up do.


These buns look fantabulous when the ribbons are replaced by crystal clips. Buns need not have its shape round, it can take its own versatility associated with braids and other simply jeweled clutches and pins.


A simple hair up do with a bow whose color is contrasting to one’s hair color will be seemingly beautiful and elegant which helps to carry one self with a carefree feel and a cool attitude. The sophistication which is being highlighted by this hairstyle cannot be achieved by any other hair up dos. The “Wow” flair is exuberant with this fantabulous hair up do. The refinement which is throwing with this hair style is really marvelous.


Roll up or curl up hair up do is another magnificent make- over for women preferring for ‘not to disturb’ hairstyles. These up dos generally will not allow women to keep adjusting their strands for the better look. It will enable them to have a free evening party or free shopping activity with effortless make- over of hairstyling.


Hair bow up do is one of the eminent girly up dos which claimed its fame with its falling side partitioned bangs covering the forehead. This will be stunning and adorning if it is being accompanied by a floral hair accessory with a thin strand of buds and leaves.


Hair up dos makes the dressing lighter and gives an energetic feel with its lasting impressions enhancing the energetic factor of a woman. Hair up dos are not only meant for old women but also becoming familiar with young girls with their unique hair accessories making the look fantabulous.

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