Dutch Braid Pigtail Hairstyle For Women



One of the  most popular hairdos in the female hairdressing business are the Dutch braid pigtails. Often confused  with the French braid pigtails, this hairstyle is quite different from its equally vaunted counterpart. This is one of those utility hairstyles which are also immensely stylish and worn both by celebrities and the common person. And, there are quite a few ways in which girls can go for this hairdo.




A great Dutch braid pigtail hairdo is the  one which has the thinnest pigtails.. These Dutch braid pigtails are pretty thin and one can just toss the pigtails either over both the shoulders or let it fall behind. This style is perfect for working out at the gym or maybe jogging.




But, if a girl has good hair volume, she can go show it off with much thicker pigtails  that are intricately braided.  This hairdo goes really well with light blonde hair. In fact, this hairdo is also perfect with dark brown hair. Experimentation with the pigtails just don’t end there. Girls can also go for loose haired Dutch braid pigtails. These pigtails are a lot more casual looking than normal Dutch braid pigtails but still very classy.




While going for the boxer braids, the ladies can also go for four thin pigtails hanging over the back. This variation is really quirky and looks awesome with light blonde hair. The crown looks intricately braided and the overall effect is one of great sophistication. Dual tones also work really well with the Dutch braid pigtail look and blonde pigtails on dark coloured hair look really stunning.




Now, if girls want to mix the pigtail hairdo with some bangs, then they can go for  intricately braided heavy Dutch braid pigtails with a few light loose haired bangs dangling on both sides of the forehead. This look is very alluring and for good measure the girls can just toss the pigtails over the front of the shoulders.




Intricately designed pigtails with loose haired wispy bangs also look very nice. Now if one is confused between going for the fishtail braid and the Dutch braid, then she can for a combination of both while designing her pigtails. The final effect is quite stylish and in fact very beautiful to behold. Girls willing to go for a bit of colour, with their pigtails can opt for platinum white pigtails on dark hair. This hairdo is sure to make one stand out from the crowd.




Girls can also go for a bit of quirkiness by joining the two pigtails together midway and go for a combined Dutch braid pigtail look. This look is quite different and will make one stand out without going too overboard with colours or intricate designs. But, if colour she must, she can also go for white pigtails on blonde hair.




These are some of the best Dutch braid pigtails worth going for out there. None of these looks are that difficult to get and each of them are unique in their own way.

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