Dreadlock Updo Hairstyles For Women



Dreadlocks are also known as locks or dreads which are free formed tangles, however its formation of evenly sized locks are by means of proper devising and maintenance. This is known as Jata in Sanskrit. This is formed either by matting or braiding or by means of crochet hooks of the neat looking hair strands. This technique of hair do is also known as ‘twist and rip’ which will be backcombed and rolled into rolls.  It is originated since 3600 years, from one of earliest civilizations Europe.


In recent trends with its versatile and diversified techniques which are being introduced by stylists takes its various forms bringing a creative attention to the individuals trying them. It gives a glamorous and a different makeover for one’s hair complementing their dress and accessories being one of the easiest way to carry one’s hair up do and also being fashionable.


Stranded twist up do is something which makes the strands to get matted like steel chain and those chained strands will be further rolled for a fantastic up do. This classic style will be taken to the next level when the strands are being colored with same or different colors.


These dread locks can also be pulled towards the front from all the sides for an up do giving an effect of an elegant fall. This takes its marvelousness when tiny colorful pinup are done in the middle of the chained strands. This suits for girls having a short and clumsy hair style.


Dreadlocks looks stunning and dashing when it is associated with braids. When locks are up done having a dutch braid in the front making a head band making the mash up a gorgeous one. It look will be mind blowing if it is colored with golden blonde.


Girls having short and pixy haircuts can go for a perfect free up do of dreadlocks tying up a thick bandana or a colorful checked scarf around the head pulling the dreadlocks from behind making a fantastic bow in the front.


Locks can also be made into thicker ropes matting 10 to 15 locks together forming a cylindrical rope which can further tied up and swirled for a fantabulous up do leaving the front end empty. Here the locks varies from its appearance and it will be differentiated between the locks on the scalp and the up do making the over- all makeover a fantabulous and throwing when the same is being illuminated with hair color.


Doughnut up do of dreadlocks is sometimes extraordinary on the visualizers perspective but heavier for the one who carries them on the head. Doughnut up do takes its form of doughnuts arranged on the scalp in a vertical order giving an overwhelming notion.


Hair up dos with locks are awesome when its creativity going places. Creativity being the significant factor of hair up dos with locks, one of the challenging up dos with dreadlocks claimed its prominent popularity over years and it recent times too. It’s the mass and giant braided locks being swirled into a fantabulous and swashbuckling bun.


Up dos with locks has its unique style with its in born creative factor which makes the styles to live for centuries and more.

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