Dread Bun Hairstyles For Women



The hippie style hair-do is one among the favorites around the globe and it isn’t just an informal way of putting your hair in a bun anymore – the dread bun for women has officially become a more formal, unique and beautiful hairstyle that has its own way of being gorgeous.


The dread bun is all about changing your daily not-so-exciting hairstyles into something more interesting and keeping it high with style. If you have been trying to find new dread bun ideas for your hair, here are a few of them to satisfy your need.


Most women with dread hair love to make a messy bun out if the long dreads. That looks amazingly sexy and appealing to everyone around you and for sure you will be flattered with all the big compliments you will be getting. If you want to keep it neat, which actually is pretty tough, you can simply pull back your front hair and tame them with a hair pin.


Another one is the casual dread bun which makes it to the pretty buns’ list. The casual bun is just like the messy up-do itself, only with a flair amount of hair falling in the forehead. The casual dread bun is another exciting look that women love to sport. Finish the look by tucking the rest of your hair in and accessorize it with a beautiful hair pin.


If you are looking for another way to keep your hair look stunningly stylish, then you can try the dread side bun on your beautiful hair. Just simply coil your dreads in both sides of your hair. If you want to make it look playful and fun, take out few of your dreads from the corner of your ears and let it swing casually. Can you look anymore cuter than this? Uh-huh! No way! However, it is actually pretty easy to handle two buns together than handling a huge one at a go!


When you are thinking of taking the dread fun to a next level, think about the side bun. This one is another fun way to style your hair; and if you are someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of styling your hair on an everyday basis or taking care of your hair isn’t your forte, this one is the perfect style for you. Make a messy up do at the back of your hair and take out a few of your hair in the front – straighten it – let it flow! Ta da! Your perfect look is ready!


Wear it like a queen does – the lattice crown is the perfect hair do for the queen inside you. This is the perfect way to tame your dreads and those frizzies right up your neck.  The best way to make the look perfect? Blonde your hair! This one goes perfect for any sort events – especially when you want to heat things up! So you ready?


The dread buns are fun and one of the most unique ones to rock in formal events. Love these? Why don’t you try these?

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