Down Hairstyles For Women



Pretty hairstyles are everyone’s apple of eyes – not just because it makes you look great but because sporting different hairstyles bring variety in your day to day life and that makes you feel amazing.


While women are no longer into the simple braids, they come up with different ways to style the hair. A lot of women prefer keeping their hair down; but then again, many girls tend to get bored with the same down hairstyles over and over again. Therefore, here are a few down hairstyles for women that you can sport on a daily basis.


Get a laid back look with the “crisscross pony” on your messy hair. The best time to make this hairstyle on your holidays or while you are going for a casual day out. You can all be “messy and yet beautiful” with this hairstyle.


If you have long wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The hairstyle is extremely low maintenance and if you are someone who isn’t too much into hair maintenance, you can go for this hairstyle. Just make a “knotted half up-do”.


The Bohemian look these days are extremely popular. Whether it is a Boho dress or a Boho hairstyle, everyone is trying their hands. If you are looking for an effortless Boho hairstyle, then the “Bohemian Half-up fishtail braid” is just the one for you. Can’t you see how cute this one is?


If you are looking for a fairy messy and yet a cute hairstyle, the ‘twisted halo” can be a good option for you. The hairstyle might look a little messy from the back, but you will definitely look angelic and beautiful.


So if you are fed up of tying and braiding your hair all day long then you should totally go for this “Big Bouffant” hairstyle. The hairdo gives you a 60’s and 70’s retro look and make you look extremely glamorous. The hairdo is perfect for night outs and retro-themed parties. A tip – pair the hairdo with smoky cat-eyes and a hot red lip.


Look professional with this down hairstyle – the pretty ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for professional and formal events. If you are going for an interview or an office party, this hairdo will look amazing on you.


Some women love to keep their hair open and a perfect down hairstyle for open hair can be “pin one side back”. The hairstyle will make you look extremely gorgeous, neat and perfectly professional. If you like, you can get some lose curls at your hair strands.


Another Boho chic hairstyle you can experiment with your down hairdo is the “braid wrap.” Perfect for long and wavy hair, this hairdo needs you to wrap a braid around your forehead like a crown. Even the mermaids will be jealous of you now!


Make some tight and yet soft curls at your hair strands and bring the Hollywood glam look to your style. The hairstyle doesn’t really have a name, buy you can call it the “Hollywood glam”. Perfect for a date night, this hairstyle is surely going to give you the right suave.


These are a few hairstyles that you can try to keep your down hairstyles trendy and glam and cute and what not! Keep up with the trend girl!

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