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Doutzen Kroes is name known and sparkling face in the world of Victoria’s Secret. First modelling in Victoria and then never looking back and graduating to one of the angels of Victoria Secret, this killer lady has aced it all. The Loreal beauty has always looked chic and gorgeous in her dazzling long dresses, simple braids and ponytails, extra long wave braids and even loose hair. The diva wears it like she owns it and the same attitude helps her shine. Specially when it comes to carpet looks, Kroes has beaten all. Let’s have a look at few of her stunning hairstyle avatars.




  1. The Messy Romance with Hair: Doutzen has experimented with her hair by blow drying her woven braids and leaving the few strands playing with her cheek and ear. A messy braided look but perfect for any evening. Some spark can be added with few texture enhancement and volume expansion products.



2. The Casual Chic Style: You can try Kroes’s casual, simple but classy look by leaving your damp hair dry and let them gain their normal posture. Tie them in a braided ponytail and don’t forget to tie it at one side. Let your natural waves tease the eyes. Best look for any off shoulder dress.




3. Long Casual Waves: Blow waving your hair throughly and giving them smooth ending a voluminous texture half in and half out in random manner can give you a wild and bubbly look. The one which you must have dreamt of donning while seeing Doutzen. Round, oval, heart of triangular shaped faces can always done it without worrying.




4. The Long and The Straight: Blowing hair dry in long waves with simple straight wave is the evergreen casual approach to any day or any event. A regular trim is recommended in 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends. Its the best style for round, oval, heart of triangular shaped face.




5. The Luscious Layers: Best suited for oval, oblong, square and diamond shaped face. If you have highlights then leave them out to show the sparkling layers cut from mid lengths to ends. Layers will  double up the charm by adding some bounce, volume and movement and shape. Such styles are easy to maintain with regular trims.




6. Tousled Hair Style: The fluff in the hair and the bounce in the locks is what catches the eyes because it shows how healthy your hair is. Tousled look has always been the talk of the town because of following reasons only. Best for oval shaped faces, this hairstyle is combination of long hair tapered over a layered base, which adds life to hair and bounce to locks.




7. Side Sweep: Cutting hair short from one side and increasing on the other and giving them waves and blow drying them while parting them is another celebrity style idea to crown your head with. The cherry on the cake I s that the style is suited for all face types.




8. Wild Waves: Sometimes simple things bring awesome results in life and same rules go well in hairstyling too. Blow drying layered hair without combing and turning them upside down in jerks to give bounce is the recipe to look drop dead salon styled gorgeous without visiting the salon. Just keep it as secret and let your folks guess.

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