Double French Braid For Women



To an award function, the ever gorgeous ‘Taylor Swift’ stunned everyone, with a glam look of French braid. This French braid is a classic hair style, which can be worn for different hair types and length. You can also create formal styles with braid, to give a lasting impression. This also gives you a perfect neat style.


Coming to the ‘Double French Braid’ which is also known as a ‘Boxer braid’, is actually an inverted fishtail braid by splitting your hair into tow equal sections. This style is actually an elegant pattern which will give you an ability to weave short to medium hair length. Also, layered haircut goes well with this double French braid.


First, begin with partitioning your sleek hair into two equal halves. Make sure there are no knots, as it can create unnecessary lumps. Start form making French braids with one side, then going onto the other. Continue down till the end of the sides.


You can have couple of choices with this French braid on how to finish your braid. Also, pigtail style double French braid can also be created. Use, some adult accessories like ‘ring’ inserted densely throughout the braid, this can make it look appear thicker too. This simple style gives you a sweet and stylish look. With long locks, this can be even more stunning.


There are more ways you can make double French braids. You can try bun with two French braids. This style along with bun can take you to another level of being fabulous. When you try bun, make sure that your braids are tight and also give some details with hair accessories.


Double French braid with side fishtail – the Hunger Game series main character ‘Katniss’, you’ll adore her glamorous braid combo with fishtail. It is simple in making, bring your French braids together to the one corner of the sides until you reach the bottom. And, it’s done.


When you’re having a really long lengthy hair and being a lover of French braids, then you can go for ‘Extra long two French braids’! It will make you shine with soft color accents. Even, you can make cornrow styles merged with double French braids. This is a simple hairstyle, which suits for your daily workout.


When you’re a lover of constant change in looks, you can keep trying these double French braids as the best option. For more detailed versions, you can let your imaginations grow by adding some blonde and color effects to this style. Additions like these, goes well with the hair style.


When it comes to exquisite style, this style is a better one. Whatever be your change in looks, just keep planning and practicing these styles earlier once you done, it perfect. Because, on the day you planned for this style, you can make it with ease. So that, you don’t need to spend much time to style your hair.

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