Double Dutch Braids Hairstyles For Women



Double Dutch Braids




The thing about beautiful hair and hairstyling is one needs to be patient as these demand your attention and maintenance. Regular massaaging, moistorizing and washing needs to be there not just to keep up the health and shine of your hair but also very important if you are into hairstyling. Different products used in hairstyling to make them stay longer and various twists and modifications, make your hair dull. In such scenario, we have two options, either to take care of hair that way or to go for an easy maintenance hairstyle. Due to lack of time, many of us would like to go for the second option and this is where double dutch braid comes into the scene.




If you think why the double dutch braids are cool to be crowned with, then imagine the bad hair days and all those days when you could not wash your hair. Having a chic hairdo when your hair is not washed for more than three days, is something you will love and people may envy about you. With this super awesome thing about these double braids, there is always a possibility of doubt that you might not be having access to the options. Here are some tips on the type of double dutch braids.




1. The Criss Cross and The Zig Zag: Braiding the braids and braiding one more between them which gets connected to the both from the start to the middle, is something which will hook all the eyes on you.




2. Not From Head to Toe: Such double braids do begin from upside but the braiding ends in the middle and there one can tie them with ribbon or rubber leaving the rest loose. A much happening rock concert style to dab on to.




3. The Density of Three in One: Weaving three braids adjacent to each other till neck and tying them there, leaving the rest loose is a perfect recipe of being a chic queen.




4. The Heart Love: Sectioning hair into two and then rolling and twisting and tucking both sides in shape of heart and then braiding the braids will definitely make you a trendsetter.




5. The Braids with the Bun: Braiding and then knotting them on the top will give it a half up half down look, teamed with upto and braiding. This hairstyle will surely make you stand above all.




6.  The Cross Bridge: Braiding them dignoally against each other in a cross shape is the cutest style to crown yourself with.




7. The Pony and The Braid Mashup:  Having a ponytail with braids woven in sides like guards is something unique, cute, classy, easy and low maintenance style one can try on.




8. The Bow & The Braids: To give the shape of bow in the start of braiding, one can either try extensions or twist the hair in bow shape and pin them. A perfect combo of ultra sophisticated styles to done.




9. Waterfall Braids: Making many sections on each side and pulling them back in two sections and braiding them will bring a rejuvenated hairstyle never seen before.




10. The Twisted Spirals: Spirals make a great combo with twists and together if they make the braids, its the hairdo every girl would want you to kill for.

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