Double Braids Hairstyles For Women



Double Braids:




The famous song of Britney, “Baby One More Time” became popular but that was the time when women dreaded that look and thus avoided double braids. Reason? Well there was this fear of being spotted and doubted on being the replica coming out of that song. Times have changed and so are the looks and more expansion is added to the double braids style. From fishtails to crowds, there are many style to crown yourself with. Let’s have a look at them:




  1. A Cloth Wonder: Weave a ribbon or cloth along with your braid and flaunt off your pigtails having contrast with your hair and skin tone. A definite recipe to sparkle.



2. The Twisted Oldies: Braiding and then twisting and repeating the process results in a classy, young and innocent lass look.




3. Surf’s Up Braids: Having double braids also means that there are less chances of slipping out thus perfect for hard sports and fun. Stays longer.




4. Milkmaid Braids: If hair is too messy and rough, one can go for this classy milkmaid braids which can be enhanced by extensions.




5. Messy Fishtails: Leaving the upper part loose and braiding them from down gives a dense wavy look to you. Classy and glamorous at the same time.




6. Prim’s Braided Bun Updo: Braiding and then bunning them up. Prim’s braided buns in Mockinjay-part1 is surely an eye grabber.




7. Dutch Braid Pigtails: A mix of rock braid and pigtails, leaving them half weaved and half open will be a perfect style for any music fest or rock concert.




8. Double Side Interconnection: Having a chain like braids coming from both sides and ending separately is something which is definitely out of the box.




9. Fishtail and Tiara: A fishtail with tiara on head. Beautiful, cute, elegant and perfect for any wedding. This style will never go out of elegance.




10. Double Dutch Sister Braids: We calling them sister braids here because they neither begin at distance and nor end at one. Begin the weaving from adjacent hair section and end them. Generally such styles are best suited for short length hair till ear.




11. Marley Bun: Try copying Bob Marley and we bet that you would beat the heat in summers.




12. Coachella Braids: With headbands having the main accessory in this style, these fishtails combine look of pigtails in elegance. Perfect for musical night.




13. Half Crown Braids: Its like weaving your crowns with braids across the breadth of head.




14. Waterfall Braids: These fall in same manner like a waterfall comes from different waves and streams. One needs to weave many and combine them in two separates to give the look.




15. Ribboned Fishtails: Attaching two colour ribbons along with the fishtails will give you a cute look.




The advent of fishtails and pigtails and double braids has come up with many revolutions and expansions. Teaming them up with buns and undos is yet another new thing. So never be afraid of trying these new looks and set the world ablaze.

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