Dookie Braids Hairstyles For Black Women



You might remember that go-to style that girls used to portray in school and you might have done the same as well. Well, you guessed it right – it is all about the dookie braids here. The hairstyle has come long way from being the playground favorite to an all time favorite for the style crazed women out there and it surely deserves so much hype!


Now everyone is taking this braid game to a whole new different level with all the glitters, designs and splash of colors. Let us see how –


The traditional take on the dookie braids are still so much in fashion that everyone loves sporting it. The “beautiful braids and baby hair” style is nailed by the girls around the globe with long and thick braids. A lot of girls out there love to rock the look with the gold beads and stylish baby hair proudly curled just right on the forehead.


There comes the side parted braids – these are extremely beautiful ones that starts thick right at the bottom of the head and then becomes thinner in the lower parts. While you add the golden beads, make sure you put them in a way here and there so that it looks like they are about to fall. Damn! That is one hairdo you cannot stop screaming about!


How about adding a little blonde touch to your natural black hair? Sounds cool? Well, the dookie braids with blonde highlights without a doubt is an extremely cool hairstyle to sport. A tip? Pull a few braids back and secure them with a beautiful piece of accessory. There you go girl!


If you want to keep it simple and do not want to go all accessory crazy; this one is the right one for you. But hey! Although the softly pulled back dookie braid is simple, it is still one of the loveliest. The look goes extremely well with white color outfits.


In case you are not trying to look natural anymore, then go for the light brown dookie braids. Absolutely simple and yet so glamorous, the hairdo is all about making giving you a hippie vibe with some traces of exposed natural roots. Want to nail the look on your Instagram pic? Get a nice red color lipstick for the final touch up!


Think Boho and think the dookie braid. They go quite well with each other and can you can nail the look with just a touch of the Boho vibe. Add some gold beads and clasps to your long and flowing braids. Girl, can you look anymore cuter?


Sport another dookie braid hairdo that is chic and on point rocking! Just like the hint of blonde one, this one has a hint of red on the braids that flows long and happening. The highlighting point of the hair? The bun at the top.


These dookie braids are amongst the most loved ones and if you want to try out these, make sure you carry it with confidence and attitude. After all, it’s all about dookies these days!

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