Disconnected Top For Men Haircuts



From the past 5 or 6 years, men are being obsessed with the trendy disconnected haircuts; from the oh-so-good undercut haircut to the oh-so-trendy executive contour haircut, this one is making waves around the globe!


However, there are quite a few confusions related to the haircut which should be eliminated real soon. The disconnected haircut is basically the kind of haircut which leads to abrupt decrease in the length of the hair. The length starts to decrease at both the sides, at the back of the head and on the top. There are 4 ways men can sport this quite popular haircut and rock the look. Let’s get us into these 4 different ways.


Remember the show “Boardwalk Empire”? In the year 2011, the “Undercut haircut” rose to popularity among the men around the globe. The reason why this haircut is quite famous among the age group of 18-30 years is because of the fame it got when one of the show’s characters named Jimmy Darmody wore the classic “slicked back undercut haircut” and rocked it. And if you are somewhat 30, you should definitely be sporting this haircut this season. This is 2017 now and the haircut is still making noises among the age group!


Another trendy disconnected haircut is the “executive contour haircut”. The haircut started as a hipster spin-off since the year 2013 and has been in the trend ever since. The haircut has now reached its peak of popularity and is no longer just a part of the hippy community. The hipster sub-culture is now taking over the world and gentlemen around the world can’t stop obsessing over the haircut.


If you are young, middle aged or even a masculine old man who has a knack for hot haircuts, then go for the “taper haircut”. This one is what they call the classic haircut. The haircut is popular among the all age groups as the length of the haircut decreases progressively. The length of the haircut depends on your own choice and you can keep easily maintain the same without much hassles.


The best haircut for any hair type is the fade haircut”. The all-round haircut is much similar to the taper haircut; the only difference here is, the fade haircut is tapered down directly to the skin and the length of the fade haircut is known as the number 0.


These are the 4 main types of disconnected haircuts that you can experiment with. But then again, these main types of haircuts have some sub categories that give you some chills with its vast and diverse approach to the haircut community. The haircut actually looks amazing if you know how to pull it off!

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