Dark Ombre Hairstyle

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Dark ombre hair color and hairstyles

Before we get into the ombre craze, what is ombre??

While Wikipedia describes it as the French origin of gradual blending of one color hue to another in a lighter tone or shade, we opt to describe it as a hairstyle that is instantly fabulous. This hair coloring technique has an effect where the top remains dark while there is gradual color change as it progresses towards the bottom.

Bleaching the lower portion of the hair is a must to get this hairstyle done. For some edgy colors, the bleached portion of the hair can be dyed in a variety of shades.

The dark ombre has a class of its own despite the fact that it may not be as flattering on some as it is on others. It adds drama and it adds glam. It is more than just flattering on people who have contrasting features such as dark hair on a lighter skin tone.

Long hair is ideal for ombre if one desires a quality and more distinct effect, but it can be done on medium length and short hair as well.

For dark brown hair, going a few shades lighter in rich color tones such as caramel gives a sun-kissed look that is luxurious with loose large waves.

Copper hues are equally good on a darker hair than the normal medium brown hair. The glossy copper shine is ideal for the deeper shade.

For someone who wants the craze but in a subtler approach, a dark ombre gives less drama but still noticeable and more natural appearance.

Brown ombre looks good on black hair, which can give a beautiful transition from black to brown, especially with loose curled ends.

Gray is becoming a trend, a daring one as it might be. However, to not make it look odd, a gradually graying shade with bluish tipped ends may be able to balance the look.

Otherwise, a smoky gray tone can be a good option as well, if full on gray is a big no.

Black hair with tanned ombre is a highly contrasting yet appealing look that can be carried out on any length of hair. Add in large crimps or medium sized waves to give a tousled style.

The rock stars out there should try out a blend of black and fuchsia or a bright burgundy ombre, and even red. This stands out in a unique way and can be either left straight or wavy.

A sandy caramel shade is going on in a huge trend in place of other shades that becomes very flattering on dark hair. The skin tone however should be light.

Red ombre also looks good on dark brown hair which makes it look cute and simple. The red tinge at the tip gives a pop of color to naturally sandy brown locks.

A blue tipped ombre is unique and look beautiful on really dark hair. The blend of black and midnight blue is majestic with full on drama.

A golden ombre gives a beautiful shine when the golden tips catch light. The metallic tone is unbeatable.

Try in shades like pink for light, a shocking green, or blue, or even sunset orange if you have a darker skin tone. The gradual blend of colors will be worth it and you can catch on to the ombre craze in your own shade.



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