Dark Hair Colour Ideas



Hair colouring is always a go to option for those girls who want to look quirky and make a bold statement. And for such ladies there are a wide array of colours to choose from and these range from cool understated shades to funky to colours that can look way over the top if not pulled off correctly. Now, the dark hair colours are just as important as the bright vivid ones and even in the former aspect, the choices are many.




A fashionable colour to opt for ladies with a fair skin colour is the “reflective raven”. This shade not only contrasts nicely with a lighter skin tone but also makes the hair look glossier. Now, if going all black is not a girl’s thing, then she can go for the much in demand “bronde” shade. This dark hair colour is a combination of brown and blonde and gives the hair a very luxurious look indeed and this happens more so when the hair takes on a shade of chocolate in the shadows.




Another cool trendy dark hair colour that is really trending right now is the coffee inspired mocha latte. This hair colour which is a very vivid deep shade of chocolate brown, would make any girl look oh so cute. The shiny mahogany, which is a deep and rich shade of the traditional brunette colour, is expected to be a big trendsetter of 2017.




However, one very interesting hair colour idea of this season is the subtle two-tone one. In this colour scheme, the dark roots give way to ends that are of a marginally lighter tone. But the quirkiest thing is, that one must watch closely to spot the transition! But the two-tone trends just don’t end there. Another two-tone look is the one where the chocolate brown shade gradually merges with a shade of warm chestnut at the ends.




And, since brown seems to be the trendiest colour right now, a girl can also go for the gothic brown shade. This is a very edgy and darkest possible version of the brunette hair colour. Chocolate rose gold colour is another cool variation of the deep brown shade that is very much in trend. This look is a combination of deep brown hues on the top and pink hues on the bottom.




Now, if a girl is in the mood for something quirky then she can go for a combination of ombre and grey shades for the “grombre” look. This look which is very unconventional is suitable for any length of hair. And, if unconventionality is a girl’s motto in life, then she can also go for the smoky lilac colour. This is another great two-tone shade and it transitions from a deep greyish purple to a shade of lavender with smoky hues.




Thus, the choices for dark hair colours are plenty in this season with brown coming out as the clear winner. Each of these shades however have unique qualities of their own and when styled right, a girl is sure to make the heads turn.

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