Cute Updo Hairstyles For Women



Cute Updo Hairstyles




The irony about looking good is that everybody is fascinated by good looks and hairstyles but nobody wants to take pains or has much time or expertise to go for such cumbersome or herculean procedures. On one side, where updos and buns are so smart, chic, hot and talk of the town, the different styles in it are harder to make and hardest to maintain. One needs to have time, patience and expertise to do the same. It is also said that where there is a lock, there is a key. So presenting you a bunch of easy doing buns and updos which you can pull on anytime and be the sparkling diva of all times.




  1. The Twisted Tale: The sound of twist may turn you off about thinking the complexity of it while making it but to the contrary, its as easy as child’s play. Just twist your side hair randomly and pull them off in a bun and there you go. All set to rock the world.



2. The Headband Mystery: The headband tucked from both sides and hair rolled around it. A super mysterious hairstyle with easiest way and most classy look you can ever have.




3. The Twist and Up: Twist your braid and tuck it up with a beautiful, sparkling classy clip and there your radiance will set you apart. This updo doesn’t take even five minutes to be done.




4. The Knotty Affair: Leaving few front strands and tucking the back one in knot, an updo to set you apart.




5. The Top Knot: A much formal, squeaky and well defined look which can be done in span of just few minutes. It is best for oval, round face shapes and can be pulled on best with evening dresses.




6. The Chignon: A very chic and classy style which can be pulled on as side bun and tucked with a clip. A tinge of red on lips will enhance the look and will turn you into a head turner.




7. Holiday Bun: A funky look can be crowned by setting the bangs straight and just rolling the braid in a band and you are all ready for a casual, lazy holiday.




8. The Knots within the Knots: Tie a three. Layered braid and knot them up twice or thrice in different places. Tuck them up in bun and there you go.




9. The Twisted Pin: Follow the steps of twist, coil and pin. A low bun is there for you to conquer the world.




10. Messy Top Knot: Messy yet classy. Just buckle them up and tuck it and here you go to set the glaze ablaze.




A bun doesn’t necessarily means to be a proper, thought out, well clipped, combed and gelled hairdo, but a simple tuck, pin, is good if you have a well cared, moisturised locks. Bunning them is the easiest way to crown on and keep your head held high. So get set go, happy bunning.

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