Cute Hairstyles For Black Women



Cute Hairstyle for Black Women




Amidst the cut throat rat racing world, we want to be our perfect selves. Not just at work place but also in looks, which definitely brings hair in the worry zone. Hairstyles and haircuts, which are smart and easy to maintain are a challenge. Another challenge scoops up, if your skin tone is wheatish or duskier, because one can’t ignore matching hair colours too. Talking of making your mark in the crowd with your hairstyle, cut and the colour, adds up a lot of brainstorming to do, which may leave you in quandary. Here are some short haircuts and styling along with the suitably suggested combo of colours to make you look ravishing and shine.




1. The Medium Bob With Golden Blonde: Bobs and pixies will always be ahead in the race because the short is smart. Going for medium length bobs with golden blonde will suit heart and square shaped faces.




2. A Brown Beauty: Brown blonde in shorter bob and boycott will suit all ladies having oval and round shaped faces. Moulding wet hair from the centre of the head down to the back and also in the sides of the ear and down towards the front is a nice way to style them up.




3. The Bob and Beehive Look: Bob with good density descending at the back with thoughtfully placed highlights speaks absolutely style and grace The best thing about this style is that it can go with any face shape. Wrapping the cut in beehive style will help to keep hair looking radiant, straight and soft.




4. A Peacock Priss: Molding hair circular, when they are wet and setting them under heated dryer. Easy to maintain with just a head tie at the night and suitable for oval and round shape faces, this style will make you conquer the world.




5. The Inverted Curls: If you want to look different from others, go for this styling. Best for oval shaped faces, one can done this style by ironing the hair up and setting up with gel. A high maintanance style to opt for.




6. The Faded Egde Glory: The faded edges and wavy middle with Burgundy or violet highlight will set you apart. Jazz this up by arches eyebrows and faux hawk. The coolest look ever.




7. The Chic and The Bob: Having bob which sits lower than the average level and for a change picking up the iron black or charcoal black colour will redefine not only you but also the parameters or this hairstyle.




8. Curl and Pixie: Curls can be cutest in pixie look which will add elegance to the styling. Neat, squeaky and smart, a perfect definition of sophistication.




9. Spiral Ombre: A fiery look more fired up with blonde golden highlights. Blonde spirals will actually set your looks on fire and who knows, you can smell jealousy around or may be popping eyes.




10. A Rosewood Ombre: A rosewood dye will compliment the dark tones and brownie points will be added with the side bands swept aside. A veil which will want many to emulate you.

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