Cute Box Braid Hairstyles For Black Women


Box braids are simply one way to give a unique look to that dark mane that can get difficult to manage. Not only do box braids provide protection but they can be spiced up in a variety of ways to keep it trendy. They last long and are quite gorgeous on the head. We see popular celebs rocking he box braids as well.

As we move on to cute box braids, what more is there to say? The small neat braids are mesmerizing. We have here, few of the many form of box braids that gives a cut appeal to any woman wearing them.

Starting with bobs, box braids when done for short lengths in neat rows gives an adorable appeal. The length and the boxes are good on the eyes, and good on the head.

With long braids, there are a variety of styles that can be followed to achieve the maximal cutest effect.

The braids can be taken up and secured in a high ponytail, after which a thick and flat fishtail braid can follow down. The look can be enhanced with highlighted braids or even in the simple and natural tone.

The princess Leia inspired two buns in top of the head on either side is another way to make the box braids look cute. Two cute buns!

Otherwise, a voluminous half bun to sit at the crown is equally glam and comes easier to do and maintain. This has been sported by many girls who have their own variations to make this look better.

The whole bunch of braids can again be swept up into a loose chignon at the back of the head, which may as well come up on top with the volume that the braids provide. Try some hair accessories to add a subtle amount of cuteness to the classy look.

The younger generation love to have their hair open and those with box braids can have them done in side parting. It will naturally compliment their age as well as effortlessly make them cuter.

How about a crown braid to run along the head wrapped up in all its boxy glory? If not, a parting in the middle and a medium sized section of three strand, or even a four strand braid to race all the way to the back and then secured, in a half up and half down fashion.

A good number of hairclips latching onto the braids here and there can be of good use in bringing some trendy yet cute look to the conventional box braid.

A jumbo sized box braid is in itself effortlessly able to add appeal. No need to think too much on how to make the cute braids even cuter.

The same goes for thin and tiny boxes as well.

Adding in pastel shaded color can work just as effectively.

So why not try some of these to add the ‘kawaii’ to these darling little braids. There is always room for more ideas!



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