Cute And Beautiful Cheer Hairstyles



Being a cheerleader has definitely got to be one the toughest task for girls. Especially in your school years, all eyes on you, perfect posture all the time, perfect dress with the perfect figure, keeping your feet intact and mastering all the moves, holding a smile all the while doing so, this task certainly requires much more strength than you can think of. Plus, the biggest attention seeking part of this entire look is definitely your hair. With all the high jumping and moves, it might seem impossible to keep your hair intact and look perfect throughout the performance. That is why, today, here you are provided with a number of hairstyles you can try for your cheerleading performance without having the troubling chance of them falling apart.




The first one being the simplest and easiest one, since simplicity is considered the best quality for a girl, is the high ponytail with a bow hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for both long and medium length hair and even short hair would do if they are at least long enough to tie in a pony. Pulling back all your hair in a tight pony and tying the bow on top will really give you a chic look and highlight your facial features more profoundly than ever. You can even use pins to prevent strands of hair from falling apart.




The second one that can be considered a tight yet stylish look for cheerleading would be the ponytail braid hairsyle. All you have to do is tie a ponytail and divide the portion of hair into three strands and interwine them with each other alternatively. Once you have reached the bottom, tie another ribbon or a band and voila, your look is ready. You can even pull out thin strands of hair from your side to tuck them in front of your ears to give it a sassier look. Behold for the prettiest cheerleader out there, everyone.




Another one suitable for the cheerleading look can be the puff-hairstyle with a pony at the back. If you have a thicker volume of hair or a layer cut that prevents from pulling all your hair backwards, try putting on a puff-on on the top of your head, under the hair and overlap your front hair with each other to form a mountain like structure on top, hiding the puff-on underneath. And tying a ponytail at the back would be a good choice considering you don’t want to leave your hair open for it to fall in all your face while performing.




The Dutch braid and a pony tail or even a braid at the back would be a great option for the perfect cheerleading look since it is very stylish and uptight as well. The Dutch braid might turn out to be a tough work to do but if you master the art of it, it will be a great help in having a perfect cheerleader look for the day.




The twisting hairstyle in which you can twist the strands of your hair at the front and pull them back to tie a pony would be a great choice as well, if you have a thicker amount of hair with a straight and long haircut.

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