Curly Mohawk Hairstyles



Having long curly hair can be sometimes stressful. Also, styling your curly hair is seriously tough. But, the love for ‘short hair’ has always been tremendous. With short hair, you can find it easy to maintain and look stylish. There are more varieties of hairstyles that you can make a choice for your short hair look.


The combination of curl with short hair length can go very well. In that case you can go for ‘Curly Mohawks’; one hair style that gives you some trendy, cool and bold look, which is also quite popular among people. Recently, this look has become one of the trends of hair styling, among both black and white women.


Mohawk is just a narrow, central strip of upright hair that go through from the forehead to the nape, where the side of the head is mostly bald or shaved close. Actually, this style is really tough but it doesn’t scare you much.


Curls Mohawks are not only time saving idea, but also a trendy one. And, there are endless options on how you can style Mohawks. You can either sleek them up or braid them. It looks amazing and that’s all counts.


Styles like ‘Classic Blonde Mohawk’; gives you a bold, brave change. Big curls, like these are ultra-feminine and also look sexy. This style is great choice for all face shapes.


Try ‘Classie Bun Mohawk’ for an entirely different Mohawk look. This is definitely, an eye catchy style and looks fabulous with long hair. This is the most casual and stylish, Mohawk of recent times.


Creating fade with Mohawks can also be done. Mohawk with clean fade add details to your hairstyle. The sides will be faded and have sharp clean shave line. You can have ponytail with these Mohawks also.


Like fade, braids are also another choice for Mohawks. You’ll absolutely love this hair style, because of braids on the sides and with voluminous curled Mohawk on the centre and front. Some styles like – Big braid Mohawk, Braided Bantu knots Mohawk and Twisted braided Mohawk are of great choice.


These styles will prove you that bun, braids and natural curls can be easily fit with Mohawks. Not only styles fit this hair look, you can make another choice of color and blonde effects to Mohawks. Shades like red, brown, blue and purple can give some more passionate look to your style.




Super celebrity ‘Rihanna’ has stepped out with her Mohawk hair style to an event. Also, mentioning this style as ‘it’s kind of darker, and edgier look’. Another model ‘Demi Moore’ with Mohawk hairstyle has tweeted, that her hubby loved this style.


You can go looking for more such ideas. But, one thing that you should keep in mind is that, you’ve to be bold enough to try this style. This is an entirely different look, so be more confident and do more planning before trying this. Pick one that suits you best with some piece of creativity.

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