Curly Box Braids For Black Women



Braids are always an option for low maintenance and epitome of effortless beauty.  Although its start- up and hair do is challenging. Braids have its origin and inspiration since the ancient ages as they were practiced and used as a sign of prestige, culture and heritage.


Braids can be thick, thin or it can be initialized thin and continued to be thicker. Thin braids are often supported by crochet twists or sometimes a lovely and elegant single fish tale.


Box braids has its unique place among the braiding styles which is originated from Africa. Box braids are those braids those which has number of boxes and cubes visible on the scalp. These numerous of boxes are then partitioned into side or middle and sometimes a big bun of braids can also be made having the make- over a stunning one. These box braids can also be further taken up a half way done with a simple clutch.


Box braids has its phenomenal and prodigious look when the boxes on the scalp are perpendicularly visible with the lines on the scalp differentiating each and every checks.


Box braids are generally dashing for kinky curls which are mostly possessed by the Africans initially and which further gained its popularity among the other country people. Box braids are famous among both men and women. These boxes can also be colored having its vivacious, sparkling and peppy make over.


Curly boxed braids vary in its sizes of the boxes which makes the look amazing on the go. The boxes can either be small or big widening the angles. Undercut box braids has its bold and stunning look which makes the individual to shave one side of the hair and the other strands are being boxed and braided leaving the strands to the other side.


These boxes can also sometimes takes the form of diamonds with its criss and cross on the scalp making the look going stunning ever which its locks when artificial hair is attached to it which continues to get braided.


These braided squares are sometimes taken a middle partition where the braids are equally gets divided and two high ponytails are made which the coloring of peppy shades ranging from sea blue to cotton candy pink bring an ultimate girly look.


Box braids going silver is one such fantabulous make- over. It gives an effect of silver strings being jumbled to the hair which makes most to them to turn their eyes towards one’s head having many glances striking fascinating them.


Box braids when accompanied by a colorful bandana knot gives an extraordinary make- over to oneself. Knots are differently made according to the hairstyles. Box braids when accompanied by bandana will be stunning when it is colored with brown or copper blonde. Purplish make- over is exuberant with its strands radiating and adds glory to once skin tone.


Cluster of these boxed braids are also sometimes pulled to make bantu knots which varies in its styles and sizes from big mass big to tiny bantu knots. Boxed braids are the greatest example for the growing creativity in hairstyling industry.

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