Curly Bob Hairstyles For Women

Bobs, while commonly seen in straight and in wavy textures can look equally great in curls. They look nothing less than awesome. It has often been the concept that curly hair should not be kept short but should rather be left to grow out and they tend to grow wider ten taper down as the length increases. Women today, are, however proving this wrong. We can see more and more of this hairstyle that is taking over the conventional hairstyle. Curly bobs can rock, as has been proved.

These set of curls come I different sizes and textures as well, ranging from small to medium sized to big curls. They can be neat, messy and still look gorgeous for the appropriate occasions. They can be made sophisticated, or, they can be made casual.

For a hairstyle that goes anywhere and everywhere from office to parties to an outing with friends, these set of tousled curly waves are the perfect choice. The slightly longer length and the beautiful curls can never go wrong, especially with the angle that it has been cut in.

Women with naturally spiral hair should be able to embrace themselves and wear any hairstyle they choose to. So has been proved by this sexy of natural curls in an angled bob. Keep it natural, keep it beautiful.

The small curly mane can equally look as sweet in this bob and any. The trick is to keep it a little below the chin and define the curls by keeping them moisturized and healthy. This looks best on women with round face.

Sporadically placed highlights can give a certain element to these curls as well as add dimension. The highlights should be done more towards the hair framing the face while the bottom length should be darker.

A throwback to the classic curls of few decades ago, the blonde curls on short bob gives a chic look. The curls can be kept big while the band parted sideways is held tucked and secured with a pin. Put on a smoky make up and the look is set.

Curls of medium size can be rolled on towards the end of the hair rather than from the top. This gives a chicer appearance and looks good on darker hair. This style is perfect for women with any face shape, provided the texture is not thick or too thin.

Raw curls can be achieved if the curls are not brushed or combed through after the hot iron treatment, even with the fingers. The curls are more defined in this way.

Asymmetric curly bob has so much contrast yet appears so glam. This has the longer side wound up with beautiful curls while the shorter side is kept sleek ad straight.

Afro bobs, one must say, is a natural beauty. The texture is simply gorgeous and can be spiced up with some awesome colors.

For a retro look, the curls should begin from the length of the ear and given round spiral tight curls. This is easy to create and looks superb anywhere.

Rebellious red curly bob is a must try for all those who wants to stand out. Redheads would love this look, especially when done in an asymmetric cut.

The number of ways to style a bob with pretty curls are still on and coming up. We would love to see more and try out a few of them, if not recommend the best ones for you.

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