Crown Braids Hairstyles For Women


The best headband that a girl can sport is the crown braids. What better way to put up a pretty headband than with your own locks? It is a great way to pull up the hair and still look beautiful. It adds texture to hair and is so good for those summer days.

Like most hairstyles, the crown braid can also be brought up into a diverse number of styles. It is one hairstyle with different forms. There is always one that will just about suit and match what we are looking for.

Chunky and messy crown braids give a delicate look to the wearer. The loose wispy hair makes it look like it has been done in a rush yet the uneven and messy look goes. Add in small flowers along the crown to give it a finishing touch.

Big chunky braid around the head is gorgeous. A bouffant added to the usual one sets instant difference. In a loose chignon kind of way, the braids, instead of being wrapped all around, is gathered at the back. A few tendrils on the sides gives a toned down and not so rigid look to this one.

Two toned hair is such a trend at the moment. So how about a braid with a lighter tone wrapped round the head while a darker tone gives contrasting beauty at the base. An attached braid in a different tone can be used to get this style done. This is dainty and with the right make up, can look flawless.

It is not always necessary to have the hair done up as we would opt for summer. Moreover, who said crown braids are just for the summer, this hairstyle can be worn in any season. For the cooler days, how about a half up and half down style with the usual braid gong around?

For thicker hair, a neat tightly braided crown can begin at the side to go all the way around and then secured. Loose tendrils can fly away in wisps. That way, it will not appear too rigid.

If you want to feature more than just one type of braid to crown your head, go ahead. While it may take a longer time, if you have the patience, you can sport this look with two braids, each of a different variety. Have some of those side bangs loose if it is possible.

Edgy women can try some funky crown braids with colored strands running into twisted braids going around their pretty head in multiple colors. Colorful crown it will make and still so creative. Sticking to pastel shades will be ideal, otherwise it can look a bit on the gaudier side of things.

Now four strand braids give a wider crown that can look flattering on any type if hair. Done in loose or in tighter ways this can be equally good as its three-strand counterpart.

Let the older women not be left out as this is a lovely style to do even with the gray locks. How stylish it would look on grandma!

Decorative pins can add a pretty and embellished look to the crown. Accessorizing comes easy in this hairstyle.

A crown braid need not necessarily be in the usual braids. A twist running around the head is just as pretty and fancy. This works well for curly hair because of the texture that it provides.

Crown braids with a fringe gives such an adorable milk-maid look, especially with dainty thin braids. This can soften up the features of the braid. Adding flowers along the crown and give a fresh appearance as well.

Every girl likes to be a princess with a crown on her head. While diamond encrusted crowns are not possible, we can still feel royally beautiful by having one pf these styles done with our mane.



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