Crochet Twist Hairstyles For Women



Crochet twist hairstyles

Also known as Senegalese twist, the crochet twist made a huge debut in 2016 the trend has still been going on. It would seem that this is one trend that will not be forgotten any time soon. They are also known as latch hook braids. This is easy to do on top of it being simple. The crochet twist is also good for hair protection while one can still experiment on it in numerous ways as it keeps the hair safe from damage.

The crochet twist was a hit in the 90s and this is just one among the many hairstyles that is being revived into more creative ways.

Starting with a medium length twist, this is easy to maintain as it can last for a long time. Thusly, perfect!

Long hair is just love, especially when it can be maintained. Crochet twist offers jut this for those with short hair but want the feel of the length. The extensions are a good option to speed up the process. Who needs to sit and wait for the hair to grow now?

Crochet twist in short bulky and boxy twist are cute. While it was difficult to style it back in the 90s when it first came up, it comes easier with modern day techniques. Adding in a single colored twist along the usual black can introduce a pop to the conventional look.

While smaller and medium sized twist are alright, jumbo twists give an extra gorgeous look that will make anyone sign up for a session at the parlor, despite the long hours that it required. The end result is worth it.

A shave side was a trend among the spunkier girls once upon a time. Now how about a combo of the Senegalese twist and a shaved side? Jumbo twists are ideal for this one.

Instead of having a uniform color, bi-colored twist can be done, when one is to tuck away the natural hair under the twists.

Having the cornrows visible while the crochet twists extend out is a dynamic combination that is gorgeous for any event and remains unique.

Women who love color can go for a two toned twist. How about one half black and the other a splurge of your favorite color?

Medium length twists with tapering ends are just as good as the ones with a blunt end. It also gives a more natural look.

With the long twists, there are variety of ways that it can be styled into. A half up-do or a bun and it’s all glam. No more efforts to be made.

A princess Leia inspired Nubian twist brings up and unique look to the regular Senegalese twist. For those wondering what a Nubian twist is, it a type of crochet twist with smaller and shorter tight twist that make it appear more spiral like instead of the usual rope like appearance. This can be styled into a variety of looks.

Add in some small hair cuffs to the twists here and there and voila, accessorizing part is done!

The crochet twist while it is popular in longer manes, has equal amount of appeal even with bobs. Pixies too. It is limitless.

So how about one of these pretty twists to try on when you decide to tuck your hair in for that extra protection that it can get?


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