Crochet Braids Hairstyles For Black Women



Crochet braids




If you are one of those who love only the straight look of hair then its time to change. The curl is no more cruel but its cute these days. It is said that history repeats itself and here too, the curls have got a comeback, specially the Crochet braids are back in fashion. The kinky curly look is back in the town. Crochet which existed in 90s is back into the wheel and with that has come the expansion in available varieties in hair crochet sale industry. So if you get baffled about which crochet to go for, these tips might help you.


  1. Any salon of shop which offers crochet on their racks for sale has different crochets in texture, colour and lengths.

2. Spiral braids: Spiral braids will give you.a more natural look. It is not just easy to manage but also protects hair roots.


3. Long waves with Colours: Crochet hair with long waves at the end dipped in various shades of picked colour can give you a glamorous look in much lesser efforts which go in perming.


4. The Short, The Sweet: If you want to go short in crochet, there is no dearth. One can always go for crochet and can cut, twist and turn them according to their wish and expectations of the outcome.


5. The Curl and the Purple: If you want to go outbound and try something out of the box then go for the curls crochets in purple. Be it long, short or medium length. This look will pump up the perk in you.


6. The Mangol Curl: Maggie curls with bob style and just a tinge of spark pink or red lipstick will give you all eyes to ogle on you.


7. The Longer, The freer: Don’t fret on longer strands because once combined with crochet, it will give the so wanted stunning look which you never had before.


8. A Mashup of Straight and Curl: When you have those extra long strands, you can have a mix of curl and straightened crochets to try on. Adding some extra spice through colours will work like the cherry on the cake.


10. The Game of Big and Small: The longer crochets at top swept aside with the shorter ones in the last is a work of craft and beauty to add some more brownie points to your already gorgeous look.


11. The Shorts on Shoulder: Let the crochet fall on your shoulders in short length and put on any eve dress with a dab of some dark lip shade and you are ready to get the world at your feet.


12. One Side Story: Crochet swept one side along with your hair will transform your look and persona with in less time and efforts.


13. The Bolder, The Bluer: Try the shades of indigo or darker blue to play along with your hair and be ready for the red carpet to take a bow in front of you.

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