Crimped Hairstyle For Women

The crimped hairstyle is one of the latest trend and we have been seeing people sporting this hairstyle for the season. Hairstylists have been going mad over them and we have been seeing far too many of them on the runways.


So what is the crimped hairstyles? What is it about this 80s look alike style that has been trending so much?


To answer this, it is a method where the hair is straightened in such a way that it becomes smooth and wavy as well as easy to handle and manipulate into a variety of styles. This is usually achieved by using a crimping iron that has a repeating ‘s’ shaped grooves long the length of it.


While it was seen since the 1980s, this style has regained popularity with so many models highlighting them as they walk down the runway. Today this style has been adapted into so many types and from that it in getting increasingly difficult to keep track. Nevertheless, we shall have a look at some of the best and common ones we have observe.


This method gives good volume to hair when done in medium sized crimps. See Madonna with her blonde fine hair sporting this look. It doesn’t make it too heavy but gives just the right amount of volume for those with fine hair. It looks best with layered cuts.


Katty Perry was also seen in crimps that she has dyed a pastel blue. Not so shocking but it looks quite flattering on her doll face and beautiful eyes.


If you think this is only for long hair, you are most definitely wrong. It goes great with short hair as well, even with pixie cuts.


For lovers of ponytail, they can crimp up the loose hair in small crimps and it is ponytail redefined. For bun lovers, they look equally good on buns and gives added volume. Bonus? It holds in place more easily and is more manageable.


Then we have the girls with really long hair and with dazzling shades of highlight. Large crimps look best when hair is worn free flowing. The highlights just add more perfection to it.


For a more runway look, having those dark brown locks in a wavy look with tiny crimps is a show stopper.


Vibrant colors also add a bolder look to this method. Try a shocking shade of red and style in it any way you would like, be it in buns or raids or let it flow free. This is perfect for a wild party and it is best adorned with fancy make up.


Fearne Cotton was also spotted with her blonde locks crimped and tied up in a loose bun. A subtle look with the gentle waves.


Scarlett Johansson was no less when it came o trying on this look with her soft, short blonde locks that was given medium sized crimps.


The Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato even had all the models in her show sporting this hairstyle in a half and half style that had the roots of the hair straight while it was crimped all the way down from half their length.


With this going on still, it is very likely that we will see a lot more variation of this hairstyle this season. We will surely be keeping a look out for that.



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