Cotton Candy Hairstyles



One of the biggest trends in recent years is the so-called cotton candy hair for women. Not only is this look in your face but it is also perhaps the most colourful way to show off one’s hair. This look is reminiscent of everyone’s favourite childhood candy and hence the catchy name. Now, cotton candy hair can be pink, green blue, purple and even yellow.


And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mixture of all the colours. It can even be just one colour and the effect will still be quite colourful.  A woman can control the shade and the vibrancy and still end up with the desired look. Understandably a mixture of these aforesaid colours will result in an artificial array of colours that is just spectacular to behold.




But just because it is cotton candy doesn’t mean it can’t be styled in a more conservative fashion. When it comes to cotton candy variety is the key and it just doesn’t focus on the plethora of colours but also caters to different tastes. So, for all those ladies out there who do not like to go that over the top with their hairstyles but still want a piece of the cotton candy action, there is good news.


This look can be toned down into a pastel version of the cotton candy colours. But in either form, this look has become the new summer time favourite and critics find it both an ‘exciting’ and a ‘vibrant’ style that is here to stay for a while.




The trend has been sported by celebrities far and wide. Singers like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift have all donned this look on the red carpet. And, it’s not just the singers who are jumping on the cotton candy bandwagon. Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, actress Helen Mirren and the “Big Bang Theory” tv show star Kaley Cuoco, have all rocked this look. The coloured ladies have also worn this look in style.  One case in point is that of American tv personality and actress/singer Keke Palmer who flaunted her cotton candy hair on the red carpet.




Thus, this is quite the trend tight now and this style doesn’t just limit itself to the variety of colours it can be done in. After all, this is one style with which the women can just go crazy. The possibilities are endless. One can opt for ultra-light pastels or a little lemon-lime twist to pull of that loud electric look.


One can also go for the ‘prismatic’ approach whereby the hair is done up in a multitude of hues using the famous tortoiseshell technique. Ladies can also opt for a deep berry tone that terminates in a much subtler shade of lilac.  A rainbow coloured bob can also be had where it encompasses the colours neon green, yellow, pink and purple.




Then there is the option of teal and pink curls or the pastel shades on top of blonde hair. One can also keep the bolder shades on the bottom layer and the top relatively light. But if there is a bit of romance in the air, one can weave soft rose coloured highlights on a blond coloured mane.




Then there is the cotton candy look for the rock-stars. This is an edgy style with a combination of hot pink and blue colours. However, the purple and lavender combo is one unbeatable combo but if these options are not worth it, there is always the deep rose Ombre!

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