Cornrow Hairstyles For Men



Cornrows are the astounding and awful styling of men. It is nothing but braids on scalp which is made minutely with different techniques and products on the men’s kinky hair. The origin of cornrows is Africa which is famous for braids and carrying their fame for the distinct and unique braiding styles before 1000 years when the kings and queens braid their strands with religious faith which is a sign of their pride, prestige and ethnicity.


It was followed for years since today and it is being safeguarded with varying techniques and creative models which are also used by other country men and women. Cornrows are familiar among both the men and women as its elegance and breathtaking make leaves an unveiling effect for the ones having a glance on them.


Cornrows has its distinct ranges from which it travelled from simple make- overs to completely artistry techniques which is carried forward and practiced for years and it has its phenomenal place in the hairstyling industry being very unique and fashionable.


Cornrows takes its special form of appearances every time when different designs on scalp is being made. It’s takes the form of snakes running over one’s head. Broad and wide checks can be made with the cornrow braids. These cornrows can also be sometimes get supported by colorful tiny clutches at the end.


The models are variant went it comes to cornrow braids and these are no way simple for the starters. Most of the African braids are not be self- made. These are always done by others for one self. Nowadays there are so much of salons which are available especially for African braids which are mostly unisex salons.


It’s not that these braids are in practice only among Africans, they are very much popular in other western countries whose men and women go crazy for some special parties, wide informal sessions and for other occasions. These braids in fact brings question to one’s mind whether they make the hair texture kindly and rough curly or naturally one’s hair is kinky.


With cornrows men creates words on the scalp as well. This isn’t possible with any other styling. A mesmerizing look of a star fish in the centre of one’s scalp was stunning and fantabulous. The culture of braiding is not very transparent and easy as pie to be followed. It has is major pros and corns.


The significant advantage is that these can be maintained well when made once unless and until the individual wanting different make- over from his hair. Cornrows can also be colored depending upon the models which are in practice. Only the braids get colored giving the actual split up that differentiates the cornrows from that of the scalp and other strands.


They are also sometimes accompanied by locks, that is, mixture of cornrows and locks together on the scalp gives a bold and vibrant make- over. Smart shoulder length strands are sometimes made into cornrows for men which will be continued for a ponytail. It has its versatility and it’s a never dying hairstyles unless and until new techniques and creativity with cornrows exists.

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