Cool Skater Haircuts



One of the edgiest haircuts in the business is the skater haircut.  If ever there was a haircut that looked fast, it would be this one. Even though it sounds cool or as Gen Y would put it “groovy”, this style of cutting one’s hair isn’t all that in your face.




This cut gives the hair a swooping profile while staying only medium in length such that it doesn’t cover one’s eyes. This look is not only for the older boys but even toddlers, though it needs a bit more attention in their case! But this look is like a lifeline for those men who are into skateboarding, or in-line skating or even extreme biking. As it doesn’t fall over the eyes, it gives such people the freedom to express themselves as much as they want.




This look lends their style a uniqueness and helps them to stand out from the mundane. The length of the hair is perfect as it is long enough to be stylish but not that long to get into one’s eyes. This style is designed to give these sports personalities with a taste for extreme sports, to do as many spins or flips or glides s they want. If ever there was a look that was tailor made for them, it is this one.




The skater cut also has its own variations. One can add layers and bangs to give the hairdo more volume. Or one can go the Zac Efron way and keep the hair size medium while adding side swept bangs. This look however is only for those men who have thick and straight hair.




Now, if one wants to wow the crowd once the helmet is off from their heads, then the thick and textured skater hairstyle is the way to go. Short hair with a long-textured fringe is another variation of this cool style. In this case however, a bit of the fringe will fall below the eyebrows. The hair on the neck can also be left short to cut down on the aspect of maintenance.




Last but not the least, there is the “shag”. This style is really in trend right now and perhaps the best bit about this style is that it hardly needs much grooming. It is best suited for those blessed with thick hair and is especially effective if one wants to make the ladies go weak in the knees and turn heads anywhere at any time.




The skater hairstyle is perhaps the best example of a style where form meets function. Not only is the hairstyle very hip and fashionable and almost guaranteed to turn heads, it is also quite easy to maintain. Perhaps, the only demand that such a style asks is that the wearer must be blessed with a good volume of hair. But, if one fulfils that criteria and is eager to go for a haircut that is a head turner while not interfering with one’s pyrotechnics, then this is the style to go for.

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