Cool Hairstyles For Girls




Being a teenager, girls find it difficult to look improper and always find ways to look cute with some cool easy hairstyles that are perfect for any occasions and suitable to any places. Moreover, girls love to do experiments by changing the styles and trying out some extraordinary looks.


Whether you have long hair with sleek texture or medium length/short cropped haircuts. There are ways for each natural hair, to look extremely beautiful with cool hairstyles. Only thing to keep in mind is that when you develop your individual style it ranks the highest than the styles you follow from someone.


Mostly, braided styles fall under the cool hairstyle by topping the list. Either French braid or Dutch braid, all braid styles embrace your natural hair and gives you a carefree hair. Thing is that, what style you opt with the available braid style is matters.


Simple curls and twisted halo, is one of the cool hairstyle choices for an everyday busy routine schedule. By simply curling your long locks using a curling iron and leaving the curls to hang free, looks stunning.


To the same curls, section the hair into two and make some twisted halo at both sides. Pin both the twisted halo at the back of the head with some bob pins, this style can make your hair not falling over your face and looks simply superb for any workplace environments.


Simply by pulling off your whole hair into ponytail and giving it a touch of braids at the sides or at the front, is even enough for a perfect day. This is simple and easy to do as well.


When you want a different look with braids, then try going with tripe-braid hairdo. This simple hairdo features small triple cornrows at the side than the chunky braid and the rest of the hair has a hang free look. The side tripe cornrow is one of the coolest hairstyle for girls.


If you want an updo like styles with braids, then flower braid updo looks perfect. It has a featured flower braid below the crown by sectioning two parts of hair and making them into braids. To the flower-braided crown, pull off the remaining hair and make them surrounding the braid for an updo style.


Chignon looks perfect for teenagers. The classy chignon style with a braided bun at the side of the head is perfect for any occasions and even as a night out party look.


When you like to have a wavy textured hair, go with tousled wave hairstyle. By twisting sections of damp hair into tight or loose waves and blasting them with a blow dryer, is what needs to get the lovely tousled waves.


To add some effects to the tousled waves, make pretty – twisted style at the front of the head. If you have bangs, twist the bang and pin them 3 inches away from your face. If you do not have bangs, simply take a section of hair at the front and twist them, to achieve this effortless style.

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