Cool Haircuts For Men



Cool Haircuts for Men




Men and haircuts used to be oxymoron in earlier days but that time has gone now. These days even men have bad hair days and they are always on toes to try and retry their hairdos. In fact taking a risk in experimenting with hair is the new fad in current times. Getting a new haircut is a new transformation is not just for girls but boys too. Believe it or not, but there is wide range of haircuts for men which give them cool look. Let’s get to know them.


1. Spikes Sphere: Spikes are so in and the diversified style of it is dense spikes in the middle and sides having faded density and a frail beard along with it.


2. Fro-hawk Cut: Long hair on top with a separation line and cleanly trimmed back ear area can be something funky to try on.


3. The Fringe Play: Long fringes above teamed with short ones on both sides can be the look of the year or season to yearn for.


4. The Long & The Short: Longer spikes in the middle set in up direction and clean shaved on either part,


5. The Long & The Short: Try mixing the bald look with long fringes together will give you the look of coolest lad.


6. A Mix Of Three: Part Mohawk, Part Pompadour and part undercut are the style which will make you look like a king of good heads.


7. The Fluffy and The Flat: Having a dense but flat top which gives an ironed look above is the best thing if you try to pick the uniqueness.


8. The Scissor and The Blade: Top density with scissor cut and and sides styled and trimmed with blade is a look to done for.


9. The Twist & The Bald: Low bald fadeless teamed up with naturally twisted curls can be the killer look one can have.


10. The Flames & The Waves: The flames are the long waves which seem like exploding and short waves with low bald fade gives a nice stunning contrast to the haircut.


11. The Blonde & The Fringe: Having the blonde colour in the middle and front up fringes can set your looks apart.


12. The Long Feathered Look: Long hair combed back in feathered look will be the look so trendy.


13. The V Style: Short haircut with well cut v sideline design in the back is something one should give a whirl to.


14. The Bald & The Wild: Bald fade on sides and disconnected beard to tame the wavy and dense hair can do its own magic to your looks.


15. The Top Slick: Long Hair on back slicked back gives you a wavy flowing look.


16. The Crew Cut and Big Fade: The crew cut and light fade combo will be the recipe to rock the floor.


17. The Crop Front: The cropped fringes set in the front can be something different and cool to done.


18. The Thick Undercut: Men having dense hair can have undercut and have faded slicks on either sides can a fascinating touch you can give your hair.

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