Concave Hairstyles For Women



The concave hairstyle, being another one of the different types of Bob hairstyles, is currently one of the top choices for the high fashion industries and has been seen sported by a number of A-lists celebrities. This edgier look, giving more angles to your face, being one of the most sharpie and funky hairstyle of the time, is something you should definitely try at least once. You can even add extra layers and other styles to make this look much prettier. Here are a few examples of such styles you can add to this haircut and sport it like a pro.




Keep your scissors ready, young woman.




The blonde concave hairstyle, best for all the Blondie’s out there, is perfect to sport out this summer. You can dye your hair blonde if you wish to get this look and if you already have natural blonde hair then that’s a book for you. Taking notes from celebrities like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, you can try this look and look fabulous without spending too much time on your hair because obviously this one is the least time consuming hairstyle ever.




Concave bob haircut with different undercuts is one where you can cut your back hair low and pull different patterns of lines underneath or you can even put it in the side of your head, giving it a slight shaved look and lots of funk. This look is meant for those who are not afraid to experiment and love making daring and bold choices in terms of their looks. This look tends to give you the old punk/rock vibes as well.




Another one idea to highlight your concave haircut is highlight itself. Trying out different shades of colors to this haircut will give it a much appealing and bold look. You can try on black highlights over blonde hair or pink or red highlights over brunette or any other color of your choice and you will be all set to blow eyes over you. This look doesn’t just look all hot and bold but also gives the funky schoolgirl vibes to your look. Try it out ladies. You will rock it.




Concave bob cut with blunt bangs, spotted on pop stars like Katy Perry, is definitely one of the most stylish and fashionable hairstyle in the game. Not just this haircut looks great on everyone but it also makes the person appear much younger than their age. So, an extra point for that as well.




Concave bob with side bangs, slightly differing from the previous one, is a great choice as well. Unlike the blunt bangs one, here, you can have a side bang which will flow across your forehead like the emo hairstyle, only a bit shorter. You can even highlight part of the bangs to make it look even trendier. This one is definitely perfect to look out for in the summer and draw attention from all sides to yourself.




Concave layered bob haircut, as the name suggests, is where you can try out the layered style with your super funky haircut to give it much more volume. This one is meant to make your face appear slimmer and sleeker and give your face the edginess it deserves.

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