Comb Over Hairstyles For Men



Some long back amongst the age of men between 20’s and 50’s ruled this style – The Comb Over hairstyle. Now, again in recent times this style has made a great popularity among people. But, this comeback is not due in part to more males balding.


Seen in reality, this is not so classy look but it can even match with many styles. The real thing about this comb over hairstyle is, just that simple by doing magic with comb, men widely flaunted by this. Also, it can give you both the professional and smart look.


Actually, there is a major difference between the old comb over look with the new one. Earlier one was just to conceal a bald spot on top of the head. Later one was to transform the length and the volume greatly. Also today, this style stays simple, just literally a comb over! It’s characterized for neat and loose style.


This is good for hair with any texture, also you can keep back and sides extremely short for a super neat look as you wish. The highlight of this look is, it offers wide range of comb over haircuts, making it a versatile one. Here are some, iconic comb over haircuts with which you can get the choice of your cut.


Firstly, the ‘Undercut comb over’; this combines the traditional horizontal directions of the style. It is defined for its voluminous top on the shorter sides. This look can also be added as an element to various other cuts. Next comes, the ‘Fade comb over’ which incorporated fade haircuts with the neck up to the longer, side swept top. You can easily adapt this style and also it can suit your personal style.


Try ‘Long hair comb over’; if you’re a person loving to have lengthy hair always. This is featured with shorter sides with large amount of hair on the top, as the name suggests.


The most iconic and which is popular among the 50’s men is – ‘Classic comb over cut’. You’ll bow your hands down to this comb over cut. This cut is prominently loved by many now than in the later years. The major advantage of this cut that will make you to love this is – that it suits for any workplace, which is a great thing.


This typical style gives you a tapered back and sides run up, where the top length will be styled to the side and back combed down with a wax or wet finish gel.


A number of celebrities are also a big fan of this comb over haircut. Even from the Republican president ‘Donald Trump’ to ‘Ryan Gosling’, the comb over style is popular.


Also there are much more comb over hairstyles, that can give you more ideas; Keep in mind that don’t sweep all your hair to one side, when the texture of your hair is too thick. Check out more tutorials to make your comb over look sharp! Also, be sure that you pick hair looks that matches with your face shape.

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