Comb Over Fade For Men



Comb over is one of the most popular, iconic and timeless hairstyles for men around years and still remains in trend. Even though, the comb over hairstyles for men is classy and trendy, the versatility it offers is enough to work with many styles and looks.


Along with fade, this comb over style becomes hugely popular. The Grandpa’s comb over fade haircut age is gone and now it is a different breed of hairstyle inspiring men to adorn killing looks. Actually, it is a crossbreed between old and modern fade look.


This modern comb over fade haircut consists of short faded hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. Where again this style then combed over either with side part, slick back or textured and loose hairstyles. The cut on the sides depends on whether you want a high or low fade comb over.


Moreover, the comb over fade works for a wide range of hair types, which can tame thick hair or enhance volume to the thin and fine hair. With any textures from sleek to wavy or curly, this style can add look.


Another step with this style to achieve great look, is with a shaved line that is prominent enough to offer a sharp and edgy look. This shaved part line is the boundary that sets the contrast between the longer top and faded short sides.


To get a very decent haircut, you can go for clean mid fade comb over with clean shaved line, which are mid length faded from the back and sides offer you a perfect look. This mid fade is suitable for any workplace environment, than the low and high fade styles.


With sleek hair texture, the longer top can combed backward from the front to maintain the sleek look more vibrant and alluring. If you are a lover of asymmetrical look, even that comb over looks great with the fade style.


For more modernized look, you can take on the side part features lots of volume that lets hair move and flow freely. Leave the top longer and comb it backwards, with a prominent line separating the side and the top hair.


If you are having natural wavy or curly textured hair, then you should go for either low or high fade, than the mid fade styles. Leave an inch or two-length longer hair on the top, so that the wavy texture looks prominent on the top.


With all this choice of fade cuts, there is another one style to achieve the fade look. The tapered fade cut looks like a hard part on the sides and you can make it style by own unique cut. This is a classic combination of comb over plus taper fade, which fades down to the skin at the hairline.


Moreover, the comb over fade style looks great with right beard styles. Mostly, dense or thick beards and moustache features well with the comb over style. Therefore, with perfect combination of beard and comb over fade style can give you an extreme change over.

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