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LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 27: Actress Actor Colton Haynes attends the MARVEL Avengers Academy’s Party at Teragram Ballroom on January 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)


He is hot and he is sexy, not to mention he has always been such an inspiration for all the men to have their hair cropped short. Colton Haynes has been an icon when it comes to sporting short perfect hair and his hairstyles have no doubt been followed by man other men. He is always on to embody the latest trend and make it look sensational.


The star of Teen Wolf and Arrow is often seen in short hair, usually in a crew cut or with spikes. Other times we see him in faded haircuts or a buzz.


Journeying through the numerous haircuts that Colton Haynes has sported over the years, his tapered cut is easy to achieve and easy to maintain. That’s just about ideal for any guy who doesn’t want to waste so much time on their hair. The cut, when done by a good stylist looks nothing short of perfect with the short ends on the side and the back.


His tapered cut allows for a diversity of hairstyles with the same cut. Thus his look in the series Teen Wolf with the role of Jason Whittemore works for every occasion be it on-screen or gala or anywhere else.


At one point, Colton was seen with his top hair dyed blonde. The spikes were styled to look casual to suit his face the best. Spikes look best on him and he wears the same cut in different ways which is quite good for the thick and short hair that he has.


He was spotted with a platinum blonde to his usual hairstyle and that was a shocker! We love him nonetheless.


Another on of his hairstyle is the faded cut. The cut includes longer length at top with a gradually shortening length towards the bottom on the back and the sides. This gradual change provides a toned shade to his hair. The faded cut does justice to his dark brown hair. It does not fail to make him look more masculine than ever.


The buzz is the best cut for a man who has no time to take care of his locks. It is absolutely zero-maintenance and when done right, looks charming, especially on well-built and fit men like Colton Haynes. At the same time, it is still fashionable as proved by the actor.


Out with a longer hair, Colton Haynes gave his thick locks a good splatter of oil and pomade for this slicked back look. A good way to manage the thick unruly locks and give more volume.


His short casual hairstyle with the crew cut gives him a fresh look, especially with the usual short ends. This cut is flattering on his square strong jaw and built. Way to go Haynes! You never fail to makes the female population swoon!


We look forwards to seeing more of this handsome actor and model the latter half of this year. Let us hope he will continue to be an inspiration of hairstyles for many men out there looking for the ideal haircut that is easy to maintain and still so fancy.



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